Russia for Girls – Safety and Benefits

Contrary to popular belief, Russia is a perfectly safe country for foreigners much like anywhere else in the world. One of the main concerns of most parents, who send their kids to study in any foreign country, is the safety of their children. And one can undoubtedly say, Russia goes to lengths to ensure the safety of international students on its land.

Outside universities and hostels security are provided by the state security and law enforcement service (police) and inside the university’s internal security department is responsible for the security of students.

One thing that one should learn from Russia is the way they treat their women. There is no gender discrimination and women can roam freely, independently and without fear.

From a girl’s perspective to be able to walk the streets at odd hours and not having the remotest paranoia is truly liberating.

Women in Russia are not mocked based on petty insensitive things neither is there any degree of gender-biased mentality related to odd jobs.

Don’t be surprised when you see a female bus driver or a female carpenter for that matter. Women here are not only respected, even celebrated. Receiving flowers on the street on international women’s day is a sweet gesture you may come across.

The public transport is cheap and safe, and you have multiple options available like trains, buses, subways and metros.

Russia enjoys good girls to boys’ population ratio. So you will see more girls than boys. You will come across women driving tram, cabs even at late nights.

All in all, studying in Russia can be an incredible and enriching experience for foreign students. However, it is crucial for everyone in Russia ( tourists and locals both) to always carry a copy of their passport if not the original passport.

Work Options for International Students: Russian government also allows international students to work but only if they have spare time after their studies. If students want to work part-time while studying in Russia, then one should make sure that the employer should have a license to hire foreign nationals.

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