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MBBS in India or Abroad

MBBS in India or Abroad

MBBS in India from a good Government Medical college is undeniably an excellent opportunity for any medical aspirant n India. The costs of education is much less than those of in countries Germany, UK, Russia and the United States and the standard of education is also of excellent quality but the number of seats available is so less that not every aspirant get the opportunity to study here.

The students who are unable to get admitted to government medical colleges in India try their chance at securing admission in private medical colleges in India. Although, there are a lot of private colleges across the country not all them can be categorized as excellent medical colleges.

Difference in facilities

Some private colleges in India have sub-par infrastructure and facilities. Even the clinical exposure during internship at these colleges is below average as number of patients coming to these hospitals is negligible. Even after the average facilities being provided the fees of private medical colleges in India is sky-high with huge capitation involved during the admission process. Ragging and bullying can’t be completely overridden. Even after persistent efforts and vigilant measures of the authorities some instances always emerge now and then, which can’t be ignored.

MCI approved government universities abroad

International medical universities in countries like Russia, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Nepal, etc are Government Medical Universities listed in the Medical Council of India (MCI) and recognized by WHO (World Health Organisation). These universities are government funded and have very low fees structure. If the student has cleared NEET exam he/she is eligible to to practice in India after clearing the NEXT.

Excellent Clinical training

Most of these universities have their own teaching hospitals which are equipped with modern equipment and sophisticated medical facilities. The inflow of patients at these Government University hospitals is quiet good both in OPD and IPD.

No Entrance exam

There are few countries like USA, UK, New Zealand, etc offering MBBS abroad from where after graduation students do not need to clear any licensing exam to practice in India but the competition at these universities is intense.

These Countries have their respective entrance exams like NEET for securing an admission and the Eligibility criterion also varies based on the destination country.  If you are interested in studying medicine in the US, you need to have completed your graduation (either 4 years course or an honors course) before you can apply for the MBBS entrance exam.

In countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc most of the medical universities have no entrance exam and do not require ILETS or GMAT scores.

More than 100 years old universities

The countries like China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc are going through economic reform phase hence the growth opportunity for the students studying here is immense and the cost of studying here is quite affordable at this stage. The medical education in the countries lying in the European belt is exceedingly developed and many of the colleges are more than 100 to 150 years old.

Language Comfort

You can study MBBS abroad in English language as in MBBS in India. Along with it foreign universities also teach local language so that during clinical training students can easily communicate with the local patients. Even in India several languages are spoken by locals so don’t consider the language barrier as a big hurdle for MBBS abroad.  You won’t witness language difficulties during your routine activities or interaction with patients and the theoretical MBBS course will be in English language.

Opportunities to pursue PG abroad

Studying MBBS abroad also open doors for pursuing PG Medical courses abroad, if the student wishes to. As after completing MBBS for pursuing a PG degree in India the student has to again take an entrance exam for securing an admission which is much difficult than UG entrance exam. If you have studied MBBS abroad you will always have an extra option to do the PG course abroad that to at affordable cost.

International facilities and exposure

The foremost advantage of MBBS in Abroad that you will get an International exposure while studying in foreign universities. You will experience the world-class MBBS education at fees much lower than private medical colleges or without any capitation. Exposure to a variety of medical conditions along with advanced technology, state-of-the-art facilities and amenities furthermore.

Licensure Exams

There will be no difference whether a student completes MBBS from India or MBBS from Abroad as the government is proposing a centralized NEXT exam for graduates of MBBS in India and abroad alike for a license to practice as a qualified Doctor. The compulsory MCI Screening Test (FMGE) will be replaced by NEXT.

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