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MBBS- Abroad or India?

MBBS- Abroad or India?

In India, there are a large number of students who plan to become a doctor one day. But from all of them, only a few get the chance to complete their dreams. While in other countries, the student doesn’t feel any problem like that.

In general, students planning to become a medical practitioner have 3 options laying in front of them which are-

  • Government Medical Colleges in India.
  • Private Medical Colleges in India.
  • Overseas MBBS Program.

As we all know, the first option is hard to get into, the second option needs a high price to get into. Hence what remains is the only option to study which is MBBS in Abroad.


So what should one prefer-Indian MBBS or Abroad MBBS?

By reaching at the end of this blog you will get the clarity from where to join the college for MBBS.

Every student aims for the top medical college in India but a majority of them ends with the BDS program and many other programs of the same level. The major and most basic difference between Indian MBBS and Abroad MBBS is that colleges are bifurcated into two major categories which are Government Colleges and Private Colleges.

Let’s evaluate the difference between the two with major key factors which play a very important role in deciding the same-


Quality of education between Indian MBBS & Abroad MBBS?

The foreign medical universities are very advanced in terms of technology as compared to India. This is the most major difference between India and Abroad MBBS. No matter which foreign university, the student gets admission into, there is assurance of high quality of education. Whereas in India, if wefaculty, extensive training, and advanced equipment are few of the features which can be listed down as the major difference between Indian MBBS and Abroad MBBS.


Price comparison between Indian MBBS & Abroad MBBS?

lacs +. And along with this comes the charge for lodging food and commuting fares which keeps adding up to our heavy pockets. Whereas in foreign countries the cost of
MBBS goes around 20-30 lacs, making it yet another major factor to get in focus.


Global experience and exposure between Indian MBBS & Abroad MBBS?

Staying in your native land would not provide you with any kind of exposure or experience that one should gain in their college years. The global experience and exposure which students get in abroad make all the difference between Indian and abroad MBBS. Such experience is hard to get and you can grab that by planning your MBBS in abroad.


Practical training between Indian MBBS & Abroad MBBS?

The students who complete their training from India only don’t need to appear for any kind of exam whereas students who wish to practice in India and have completed their MBBS from foreign university have to appear for a test called FMGE which is conducted by MCI.


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