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Know this before studying in Nepal

Know this before studying in Nepal

Medical universities in Nepal hold a premier position around the world in terms of standard of medical education. Students here become part of an extensive community of scholars, clinicians and professors, who provide a world class medical education.

Outstanding learning opportunity

Nepal attracts faculty of international standing, many of whom have extensively worked in the numerous research centers and esteemed universities, nationally and internationally. These academic leaders, many of whom with doctoral qualifications, pass on their expert knowledge to students, in sphere of qualification and skills required in today’s challenging medical environment.

Diverse student base

Nepal delivers high quality teaching to a diverse body of students across the world. Students from China, South Korea, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Mongolia, Russia, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, India, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, Belarus, Syria, etc prefer studying MBBS in Nepal due to its high quality education at affordable costs.

Supportive educational environment

The comparatively small size of the class allows faculties to familiarize with students individually and encourage a friendly atmosphere. For personal welfare and academic development of students a supportive environment is provided to them to succeed and thrive.

Excellent community programs

Nepal continually partners up and run community based outreach programs that aim to lead and direct health programs in rural and regional areas through which highest quality education, training, research and community services are imparted offering unique opportunities for students to familiarize themselves with hands-on experience that would enhance their ability to acquire skills in dealing with health issues through direct exposure with patients.

Recognition and curriculum

Medical universities of Nepal are enlisted in the “World Directory of Medical Schools” WHO and recognized by the, Medical Council of India, Medical Councils of SAARC and other leading countries. Educational, curriculum and teaching methods for MBBS in Nepal are very similar to India in terms of syllabus, books, study pattern, duration of the course; etc. The country has been inspired a lot by its neighboring nations like India in connection with cuisine, art, language culture and festivals. For Indian students it will feel as a home away from home.

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