Why studying at Andijan State Medical Institute is the best option for Indian Students

Andijan State Medical Institute was started in 1955 as the first higher educational institution in the medical field of Fergana Valley, incorporating a lot of effort into the establishment of the institute to provide specialized medical care to the population of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Here are few Benefits of studying MBBS from Andijan State Medical Institute which makes it a lucrative study destination for MBBS in Uzbekistan for our Indian students.

Location of Andijan University 

Andijan State Medical Institute is located in Andijan city which is the largest center for engineering industry of Uzbekistan and most developed. Students can enjoy best facilities in the city and get immense opportunities to explore more of Uzbekistan. The environment in the country is very safe for foreign students and offers all of the social and cultural opportunities at affordable cost of living.

Proximity of Uzbekistan from India

It is very easy to fly from India to Uzbekistan and vice versa, you can travel to Uzbekistan from India via regular direct flights which take only around 3 hrs. Parents of Indian students can visit the college whenever they need very easily. To reach Andijan you can opt for any of the following International Airports- Bukhara International Airport, Samarkand International Airport, Tashkent International Airport, and Fergana International Airport.

Culture rich in hospitality

Uzbek culture is incredibly rich and vibrant and Uzbek people are proud of their heritage. Hospitality is deeply rooted in their culture and Visitors will experience generosity and warmth in this lovely country. International students find Uzbekistan to be a comfortable and safe place with open-minded people. Living and studying in Uzbekistan opens gateways to new cultural experiences, opportunities to travel and explore nearby countries.

Great level of personal safety

Uzbekistan is a very safe country and International students of all races/ beliefs/ origins can live peacefully in Uzbekistan without any constraints. There is no gender discrimination and girls feel very safe living here. Uzbekistan has a very low rate of crime and students do not need to worry about going anywhere in public areas, tourist spots, public transports, etc.

Quality of Medical Education

Andijan State Medical Institute is one of the most prestigious Universities in Uzbekistan. It provides great infrastructure and opportunity to students to enhance their knowledge and vision. ASMI operates telemedicine facility at its various departments, located in the University clinic. Students have the opportunity to observe operations directly from study rooms and communicate with the surgeon. The language of instruction at ASMI for International students is English with duration of 5 years for MBBS Course

Easy Enrollment Criteria

No entrance exam is required for studying MBBS in Andijan State Medical Institute for International Students. Students also do not need to qualify any English language proficiency exams like IELTS, TOEFL, CPE etc. To enrol at an Uzbek University all international applicants must only meet the minimum requirements for admission into the particular course in their own Country. Indian students need to be NEET qualified if they want to practice in India after graduating.

Opportunity in Scientific Research

Andijan State Medical Institute gives the highest priority to scientific research development. Students of the medical University are presented various opportunities to work with leading scientists of the world. Students can work and contribute to development of medical field which opens new career paths for students interested in research and development in medical field.

Subsidized education and low tuition fees in Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan offers very low tuition fees for MBBS courses to students due to government funding and highly subsidized MBBS fees at its government Medical Colleges. Being a State University Andijan State Medical Institute has very low tuition fees and offers highly affordable MBBS course for Indian students. Along with this, Andijan State Medical Institute has a very cheap, safe and comfortable hostel system available for International students.

Low cost of living

The cost of living in Uzbekistan is significantly lower than most countries with same level of living standard. It maintains a good standards of living, life quality, safety, education, and economic freedom. Compared to some countries, here you do not have to spend all your capital, while receiving a quality education. Living in dormitories while studying at ASMI is the cheapest accommodation arrangement for all students. Indian students can get both vegetarian & non vegetarian food in the college cafeteria and hostel mess. Students can also live in rented apartments which is an equally safe option. Cost of the apartment rent in Andijan City depends on the apartments’ location and size.

Opportunity to work globally

Being recognized globally, graduates of the ASMI may work worldwide in any country and all leading organizations as per their wish. Hence, studying MBBS from Andijan State Medical Institute opens the door at global level. Students passing MBBS from Andijan State Medical Institute also have the opportunity to stay and work in Uzbekistan. Indian students can obtain Permanent Residency in Uzbekistan if they wish to stay.

Emphasis on International Relation 

Andijan State Medical Institute has many national and international collaboration for joint research and development, study exchange program and participation in various activities like cultural, sports and academic competitions. Over time ASMI has established stable international relations with 45 prestigious higher educational institutions  from countries like- Korea, Italy, Germany, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, etc and  9 partner universities In Uzbekistan.

Uzbekistan is emerging as one of the best higher-education systems in the world, over the years the country has being developing the very best conditions for successful high-quality education system for all citizens. The economy of the country has bloomed profoundly over the past years grooming it into a hub for international investments. International firms have keen interest in prospect Uzbekistan.

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