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Why study MBBS in Russia at Kazan State Medical University

Why study MBBS in Russia at Kazan State Medical University

Kazan is among Russia’s largest cities. It’s a significant industrial, business and cultural centre, and remains the foremost vital centre of culture. The distance from the capital of Russia, Moscow to Kazan takes one hour by plane, 8-10 hours by train or bus.

Kazan is an important educational and cultural centre of Russia and an excellent choice to study MBBS abroad. Being the city of distinctive historical monuments, Kazan is incorporated into the UNESCO World Heritage Cities list. There are around forty universities operational in the city. Among them, one is the Kazan State Medical University.

Kazan State Medical University is a multi-functional and multi-levelled state establishment of higher learning in medicine. It meets both personal and social requisite in procuring education in medicine, in developing biomedical and clinical sciences, furthermore at broadening scientific knowledge of medical sciences.

Kazan State Medical University (KSMU) functions on the objective of self-governance and belongs to the system of higher education and scientific research projects of the Ministry of Health of Russia. The prime body or KSMU self-governance is in accordance with the university’s rules.

With two hundred years of expertise in medical training, KSMU is rightfully a global University. Around 700 students from over 57 countries around the world study here and half of them study in English. It constitutes of more than 5500 medical students, clinical residents and interns, 9 colleges, 65 departments and staff of over 1500

More than five hundred of the foreign medical graduates and two hundred Postgraduates and Fellows are presently successfully employed all over the world, which explains the recognition of Kazan State Medical University among foreigners.

 Kazan State Medical University recognition:

  • KSMU is the third oldest Medical University in Russia after Moscow and St. Petersburg.
    • KSMU is recognized by the Ministry of health care & Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
    • Government-aided University.
    • KSMU is recognized by the World Health Organization, listed in the World Directory of Medical colleges (AVICENNA Directory for Medicine).
    • KSMU is recognized by ECFMG (USA).
    • KSMU is recognized by leading medical councils -AMC, GMC, MCI etc.

Eligibility criteria at Kazan State Medical University:

  • Successful completion of higher secondary school.
    • Completion of tertiary education if applying for Post-Graduate degree.
    • Minimum requisite is an average of 65% marks in higher secondary school as well as English. Certification of the English language may be needed.
    • Guarantee of the fulfilment of payment conditions.

Medium of instruction at Kazan State Medical University:

  • For the Russian students, the language of instruction is Russian
  • Foreign students can opt between Russian and English medium.
  • The university had commenced English-medium courses in 2003. All the lectures, practical, laboratory studies, seminars, tests, examinations, state examinations for English medium candidates are conducted in English only.
  • For the English medium students, alongside other subjects, the Russian Language will be taught as an additional subject for four years, in order to communicate well with patients and locals during the internship.

Academic year and vacation at Kazan State Medical University:

There are two semesters in the academic year:
• Autumn Semester — From Sept to Jan,
• Spring Semester — From Feb to June.

All students have their vacations twice a year.
• Summer vacations: from July 1 to August 31.
• Winter vacations: from January 15 to Feb 7.

Curriculum at Kazan State Medical University:

  • The syllabus for medicine (M.D equivalent to M.B.B.S), dental medicine and Pharmacy are righteously extensive and updated.
  • During the period of training, students are educated special subjects: in succession, they learn theoretically (from first to the third year) and clinical fundamentals (from fourth to the sixth year) and acquire necessary practical
  • Each stage of training builds a foundation to climb up to subsequent
  • The teaching method includes approach starting with lectures proceeded by laboratory and practical work on hospitals along with a comprehensive examination of patients, clinical duties etc.
  • Beside meticulous teaching equal emphasis is laid on colloquial, tests, quizzes, examinations, state examinations, final interdisciplinary test, oral answers, laboratory and written works, MCQ-tests, recording of case histories, etc.

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