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Travelling to Bangladesh:Culture & experiences

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Travelling to Bangladesh:Culture & experiences

Bangladesh is undeniably one of South Asia’s undiscovered gems full of astounding adventures.

Bangladesh is an absolutely amazing country that has a lot to offer. If you go with an open mind and find humor in the weird and wonderful things you will really enjoy your stay here.

Bangladesh is just starting to come up as a travel destination and sometimes may not give experience like other developed Southeast Asian countries but mingling with the masses in the city’s atmospheric markets, exploring its artistic and cultural melting pots, and savoring its legendary Bengali cuisine are an unparalleled experience in itself.

With a trip to Bangladesh you will accept that experiences are more important than pretty pictures and everything is an adventure in this lovely country. Things may sometimes feel less systematic, but if you could look at it in a positive way you would enjoy uninhibitedly.

Girls will feel incredibly safe in Bangladesh never once intimidated or uncomfortable. You will never notice any difference in how locals treat you here, always impartial to your gender.

Foreign travelers excite a lot of attention and interest among the locals but almost all of them are friendly and kindly nature. They will never harass you; they just want to come up and talk to you or sometimes want to take selfies with you.

The highlight of Bangladesh has to be the hospitality offered by its people. One should be ready to get lots of friendly attention, inquiries about themselves and offers of tea, dinner, and lunch. Culturally, it’s important for Bangladeshis to be welcoming to their guests.

Bangladesh is amongst the cheapest countries in Asia and the world, even cheaper than India, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

The rivers are the lifeblood of the country and water travel offers the double benefit of being a convenient way to get around and absorbing cultural experience.

Locals might take an interest in you wherever you go, but they never mean any harm. Travelling to Bangladesh is totally safe, travel responsibly and receptively.

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