• Namangan is the third largest city in Uzbekistan after Tashkent and Samarkand. Located in the northern part of the Fergana Valley the city is around 300km east of Tashkent and 30 km from Kyrgyzstan.
  • Since the 17th century, Namangan remained an important craft and trade center in the Fergana Valley, accommodating the best weavers, potters, blacksmiths, tinkers, and jewelers on its territory
  • The city got its name from the phrase “Namak Kan”, which translates as “salt mine” in the Persian language in remembrance of the city where the local table salt of Uzbekistan was mined. Archaeologists also found remnants of the ancient village of Aksikent which was inhabited here at the beginning of the era.
  • Popularly known as the city of flowers, the Namangan region is famous for the best gardeners and winegrowers. It is home to many historical sites and shrines, such as the mausoleum of Khoja Amin, the Muvlon-buva complex, and others.


It is very easy to fly from India to Uzbekistan and vice versa, you can travel to Uzbekistan from India via regular direct flights which take only around 3 hrs from Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi to Tashkent International Airport.


From Tashkent you can get to Namangan via 55 minutes domestic flights. Namangan’s airport is located 12 km west of the city and has good transportation access. There are also direct international flights from major cities of Russia to Namangan.
There are no direct train routes to reach Namangan but you can reach the train connections by taking a shared taxi or a bus to Kokand, Fergana, or Andijan which are in close proximity. There are also shared taxis driving frequently from Tashkent to Namangan.


Impulse Medical Institute is emerging as a promising university in Namangan city of Uzbekistan with a major focus on using innovative training technologies to train highly qualified specialists in the field of medicine. The Institute aims to become a leading higher education institution in the Namangan region and contribute to the educational development of Uzbekistan.

University Location

Impulse Medical Institute is located in Namangan city with close proximity to the Fergana region of Uzbekistan. Since the 17th century, Namangan was an important craft and trade center and today Namangan is a center for light industries of the region, with the majority engagement in the food industry. There are around 36 joint corporations and over 400+ small and medium organizations in the city.

Educational training

The administration and faculty of the Impulse Medical Institute have concentrated their focus on the creation of a modern dynamic educational institution that can provide high-quality training with the potential to reform the medical education system of Uzbekistan.

The University coursework involves a lot of practical training and the curriculum has been adjusted in accordance with the best institutes in the country and abroad. The attached clinical hospitals are equipped with the latest amenities to train students at a higher scientific level.

Practical Training

Impulse Medical Institute endows training and academic lectures in well-equipped halls, laboratories, computerized classes, and modern classrooms. Scientific seminars, scientific-methodical conferences, and clinical training at University Hospital Bases are organized for educating students translating into a strong practical base of Medical education foundation.

International Partnership

Impulse Medical Institute has arranged mutual cooperation with many renowned institutes. Many Joint programs with renowned International institutions have been established for the students which are managed efficiently by the International department of the university and contribute to the overall development and benefit of the students.

Academic Faculty

The academic staffs of the Impulse Medical Institute are highly qualified and experienced having practiced and received qualifications from reputed universities and clinics. Most of the teaching staff is either a Doctor of Medical Sciences or a Candidate of Medical Sciences. Guest lecturers and professors are also invited to the university from renowned backgrounds.

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