“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

Studying in a foreign country can be a really fun experience and one should make the most of their time while studying abroad. Nevertheless, while having lots of fun one also needs to be wary of their safety as an international student and follow basic precautions to avoid unsavory encounters no matter where they are.

Here are the few important tips for staying safe in a foreign country when studying abroad as an international student

Be wary of strangers

  • No matter where you are be aware of your surroundings and observe precautions when dealing with strangers
  • Do not trust strangers or leave your things to them.
  • Do not agree to deal with questionable offers/services
  • Do not accept company of strangers and suspicious personalities
  • All transactions with credit cards, phone cards, money transfers, currency exchanges, and purchases should be made only through official banks/companies
  • Do not buy SIM and other products from street vendors. Go to authorized shops/ stores to avoid scams of any kind.
  • Money, especially large amounts, should be exchanged at bank branches or at ATMs located in specially designated premises. Do not buy or exchange currency, from individuals (there is a risk of obtaining counterfeit bills)

Safeguard Electronic Security information

  • When carrying out Internet purchases, Internet communication, or any online transaction, follow vigilant security measures.
  • Never share your PIN, passwords, and other sensitive information with anyone

While traveling in transport and public places you should

  • Stay alert, when on the road or in a public place. Do not switch all your attention to gadgets.
  • Do not leave your belongings unattended or with strangers
  • Do not walk around the city with open bags or backpacks
  • When moving in crowded places, try to hold the bag in front of you
  • Do not show expensive things on public transport (phones, tablets, watches, ornaments)
  • Never carry cash in large amounts. Divide and keep cash in different places
  • Do not store PIN codes and bank cards in one place or on your cell phone

Do not hang out alone

  • Maintaining a low profile in a foreign country is a safe way to avoid getting on the radar of suspicious people
  • If going to clubs or concerts always try to go with a group of friends
  • Try to stay together with your group, and look after each other belongings– in the midst of fun, it’s easy to stay without a bag, money, and documents
  • Return home by taxi or public transport if it gets too late. If going on foot, choose crowded and well-lit streets

Choose transportation wisely

  • When booking cabs always choose an officially operating company– this will ensure your safety and a fixed fee
  • You can easily find a taxi using popular mobile applications in the particular country
  • If possible, choosing public transports are best alternative

Keep Documents & emergency numbers handy

  • Outside the university or university campus, always carry your passport and student ID
  • Be vigilant with your documents and always have your embassy number handy whenever going out
  • Also keep the emergency numbers of the host country handy to seek immediate help in case of the slightest danger

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