10 Documents You Need To Study Abroad

10 Documents You Need To Study Abroad

Getting a global education and learning in a World classroom helps you shape up as a multifaceted person. As more and more students are realising the real benefits Global classroom offers students are actively grabbing the opportunity to study abroad and develop their skills in a holistic environment.

We are aware that abroad education gives you international exposure and academic growth but to study at any University it is imperative to first apply at the particular University. The process of applying to different Universities in foreign countries varies significantly and one should know that all universities do not require the same set of documentation, make sure to check exact document requirement with the University you are applying to.

Your study abroad application is the most important step of your journey and so it is crucial to plan it ahead. It is important to start working months in advance to be able to get admission in your desired institution or course.

Ensure that you have all your documents and their copies ready before you start. Universities require you to bring original documents such as diploma certificate, transcripts, physical examination form, etc.

You should organise all original copies of application documents (and other documents mentioned in the admission letter) with you to the university so that you can show all necessary documents in time.

Here is a general set of major documents you will need in order to apply to universities abroad during the process:


The application form for the university is the make-or-break part of your admission process and includes all your personal and professional details. Make sure to write honestly and share your academic expectations and future goals.


Prepare all your academic certificates starting from 10th grade to your latest qualification. Your academic record will include all courses you’ve taken with your grades, credits and degree received.


Statement of Purpose (SOP)/letter of intent is written to the admission panel to present your take on life, your career goals, subject knowledge, and your future vision. You share your interest and professional contributions that support your subject choice and accordingly the admission committee assesses your eligibility for the particular course.


A resume gives a comprehensive insight into your academic knowledge and work experience. While writing your resume, consolidate summary of your job and education experience. Mention all your degrees, certificates, internships and relevant work experience to build an impressive and strong resume.


Any candidate, who wants to study abroad needs to be medically fit for the desired program, Medical fitness certificate is a compulsory document to certify the standard of health and it should be provided by a doctor on a headed paper from a medical clinic, hospital or doctor’s office. Different countries have specific requirements for Medical fitness certificate from international students. You would be asked for a health insurance card and vaccination certificates as well. Get a health check-up done near to your admission so you have the latest reports.


Certain Universities require you to qualify competitive entrance exam/ Language proficiency test to get admission. Produce a valid certificate of competitive exams taken, depending upon your course like- GMAT, GRE, LSAT, TOEFL etc. and also make sure your score is in the range required by university’s selected.


Admission departments and visa offices are very particular about the correct sized photo with a specific background. Find out the requirements in advance and prepare photos accordingly.

  1. VALID IDs

You need a valid passport to travel to any foreign country, a valid visa, PAN card, college acceptance letter, international student ID card are few documents you need to compulsorily have to start your abroad study journey.


International Students need to show proof of being financially capable to study in a foreign country. To apply to any foreign university, you need to first establish that you can manage the tuition and living expenses. The universities or the visa consulate of the country require you to submit proof like-Bank account statements, loan statement, scholarship letter, sponsorship proof, etc to ensure that you can pay for the entire expenses during your study period. You may also need to provide income proof of your family.


A letter of recommendation/letter of reference (LOR) is one of the documents required when applying for universities or scholarships overseas as a student. If you are going for a bachelor’s course, most universities require you to do internships or if you are opting for master’s to have a few years of work experience. Get certificates to validate your work experience and request your employers, teacher, mentor, supervisor or manager to write a recommendation letter for you.

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