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Poltava State Medical and Dental University Ukraine

Poltava history

Founded by Slavic-Siveryan people in IX century, fortified settlement, located on Ivanova mountain, became a cornerstone of the development of the Old Rus city in X-III century. Contemporary archaeological researches proved that the city had been founded in 899.

Siveryans (one of the Slavic nations) tribal union, Khazarskyi Kaganat, Kyiv Rus are the first stages of historic steps of the settlement in the composition of the first state formations on Poltava territories. The traces of remote epochs were reflected in the peculiarities of the city name which was gradually changing: Ltava-Oltava-Poltava.

Some scholars believe that possible meanings of this word are connected with Slavic words ‘fence’, ‘fence enclosed city’. Others believe that city name is connected with old Rus tradition to call settlements with the names of rivers which flowed nearby. And since the nearest river was Ltava (right confluent of Vorskla), the city was named in its honour. The name of the river in itself is connected with Old Aryan word combination ‘boggy river’.

About Poltava State Medical University

The university was founded in 1921 by the dental faculty of Kharkiv Medical Academy. In 1967, it moved to the city of Poltava and was renamed the Poltava Ukrainian Medical Stomatological ( Academy (PUMSA). In 1994, the university received the sixth-highest accreditation level because of its low death rate during surgery and was renamed Poltava State Medical University (PSMU). As of 2004, PSMU had a level-IV accreditation.

Students seeking admission to the first-year medical course should have at least a secondary school certificate (or twelve years of education) with passing grades in chemistry, physics, biology and English. If English is not the applicant’s principal language, he or she must produce an official record of proficiency in English.

Students with a school certificate for ten or eleven years of study need to complete the Premedical Program: a one-year preparatory course. Classes in mathematics, chemistry, physics, biology and English are the basis of this program, which offers students an opportunity to complete their higher secondary schooling. Upon completion, students receive the academy’s higher-school diploma and may enrol as first-year medical students.

Medicine study in Ukraine is valued because of its scientists and researchers in the medical field. Ukraine has produced a great number of professors and scientists in the field of medicine. Ukrainian doctors are famous in the whole world and considered the best doctors in Europe. Research conducted in Ukraine is acknowledged and utilized at all platforms of UNO and Other international medical institutes. When Ukraine was part of USSR even than doctors and Professors of Ukraine were at prominent and leading positions.

Medicine education or medicine formulation Ukraine is considered the best option in Europe. Medicine study in Ukraine is one of the best Medicine studies in Europe. It is research-based and practical oriented education. Cost of medicine study in Ukraine is less than the cost of medicine study in other countries of Europe, Latin America and China. Standard of Ukrainian education is according to international parameters. Ukraine is the cheapest country in Europe to study medicine because there is extensive research carried out and we have a large number of medical scientists in the world. International standard education of MBBS is provided in Ukraine in a very low tuition fee. This is the major reason students from India Africa gulf Europe and American countries study medicine in Ukraine.

Q) What are the advantages of studying MBBS in Ukraine

  • You don’t need to go through the gruelling, stressful  routine of preparations that begins immediately after 10th standard or some times even earlier
  • You don’t need to go through the extensive tutorial classes at all kinds of odd hours
  • You don’t need to spend money on these coaching classes.
  • You don’t need to appear for Common Entrance Tests
  • You don’t need to stop leading a normal schooling life
  • You don’t need to sacrifice anything
  • You don’t need to have any uncertainty about your admission

Q) What you need to have

  • An interest and commitment towards studying medicine
  • The passion to become a competent medical professional of international standards
  • A desire to expand your academic spheres internationally

Q) What you will have by studying at UMSA?

  • You are exposed to European Union Standards when you study in Ukraine.
  • Your class strength is not high like in India. The doctor to student ratio will be not more than 1:10
  • There is no big student-professor divide. Hence you can interact freely with professors and keep on clearing your doubts and increase your subject knowledge.
  • You are exposed to better hospital systems
  • Your education is more practical oriented than classroom-oriented like in other European Countries.
  • While you stay in Ukraine, you have more access to other European universities and methods and you can even visit European countries and enhance your knowledge and competency.
  • At the end of 6 years, you will be a full-fledged doctor of International standards and on the strength of your competence, you can attend interviews in a better way, anywhere in the world.
  • You will be studying in a very multi-cultural environment that will enrich and expand your life and sense of life
  • The Universities under the Ministry of Health of Ukraine are recognized by WHO, USA IMED, MCI and by most medical councils around the world.

Q) What job can I get in India after graduating with MBBS from Ukrainian Medical And Dental Academy

  • You can get any job that a student who has completed MBBS in India can get, because, after completing your MBBS in Ukraine, you will be taking a screening test conducted by MCI.
  • The screening test is very easy and anyone who has finished MBBS from Ukraine properly will have no difficulty in passing this test. When you pass this, you will be registered to practice in India as a Medical practitioner.
  • That means you and the Doctor who has done MBBS in India are evaluated from there on, on equal terms for any job opportunity, both in the government and private sector. In the rapidly
  • growing Private Sector, only your own competence will matter in getting selected to the best jobs and for a student studying in the Top Universities in Ukraine, only your own personal interest in learning can be your limitation.
  • Ukraine is the most popular destination in the world for students from around the world seeking Medical Education. The well established medical universities in Ukraine are recognized all over the world and provide good quality medical education in a peaceful social environment.

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