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Course Duration and Fees Structure to Study MBBS in Ukraine

Course Duration and Fees Structure to Study MBBS in Ukraine

Pursuing MBBS in Ukraine is an alluring option for many international students due to its affordable cost and lenient eligibility criteria.

POLTAVA STATE MEDICAL AND DENTAL UNIVERSITY offers courses in following specialities:


  • Duration of Course: 6 years
  • Degree awarded: MD (Doctor of medicine)/MBBS
  • Mode of instruction: English
  • Tuition fees for English medium:  3800 US$ (1st year)
  • Students who are going to join MBBS in English medium will pay the following charges except tuition fees:
  • Accommodation: 300 US$ per annum  (2-3 persons in a room with new renovated rooms)
  • Other Expenses (Medical Insurance, Medical check up, arrival expenses, admission charges, reception charges, transportation charges, Immigration clearance charges): 2400 US$
  • First year total charges: 6500 US$
  • From Second year Onwards student will pay only: 4100 US$ per annum (Tuition fees, Accommodation, Medical Insurance, Registration etc .Included)

Tuition fees:                     3800 US$

Accommodation:            300 US$

Other expenses:              2400 US$


Total:                              6500 US$



  • Duration: 3 years
  • Tuition fees for English medium or Russian medium:  3400 US$ per annum
  • Accommodation: 300 US$
  • Other Expenses (Medical Insurance, Medical check-up, arrival expenses, admission charges, transportation and etc.):2000 US$
  • Expenses for certification of all documents: 1200 US$
  • First year total charges: 7600 US$
  • Second year and Onwards: 4000 US$ per annum

Tuition fees:                     3400 US$

Accommodation:            300 US$

Other expenses:              2000 US$


Total:                              5700 US$



Students are provided bed sheets, pillow, blanket, TV, Refrigerator , Laundry, Dining and Heating system and Microwave oven from University itself for free to use.

Rooms available with 1 person in one room, 2 persons in one room, 3 persons in one room with internet zone

HOSTEL CHARGES PER ANNUM: 300US$ (ordinary rooms with old renovation)

800US$ (new renovated rooms in new hostel)


To issue an invitation letter we require the following documents and payments of 400 US$(which includes invitation charges 300 US$ and 100 US$ courier charges).

  • Copy of international passport
  • Copy of School certificate
  • Copy of MBBS/BDS/B.Pharma degree (only if student is for postgraduate studies)- For postgraduate students invitation charges are 400 US$

Every student must pay his/her complete first year expenses upon arrival in POLTAVA NATIONAL MEDICAL AND DENTAL UNIVERSITY.

Foreign students who are entering the first course have to pay their full fees for the whole academic year. From the following academic years student can pay their tuition fees for each semester.

We at SHREET CAREER GUIDANCE facilitate in all the process in pursuing MBBS in Ukraine right from getting a visa to applying for college as per the requirements, handled by our expert team of highly experienced overseas education consultants.

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