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Poltava (pəltä`və), is the city capital of Poltava region, eastern Ukraine, on the Kiev-Kharkiv highway and on the Vorskla river. Anthropology proof dates the city from the eighth to the ninth century, though the primary documentary reference is from 1174, when it had been diversely referred to as Oltava or Ltava. The modern town of Poltava is essentially new, having been reconstructed when it suffered severe destruction throughout World War II.

The city has 5 higher academic institutions—agricultural, education, Ukrainian Medical Stomatological Academy renamed Poltava State Medical And Dental University, civil-engineering, and cooperative institutes. Poltava State Medical and Dental University is ranked 1st European standard medical educational university in Ukraine. To Study MBBS in Ukraine Poltava State Medical and Dental University holds an undeniably significant position. The MBBS course in Ukraine is imparted in English  and boasts of 1400 foreign students out of 3615 from 42 foreign countries  (England,America,Ireland,Mexico,Italy,France,Denmark,Albania,Armenia,Romania,Palestine,Iraq,India,Cameroon,Kenya,Nigeria,Mongolia,China,Nepal,Iran, Syria, Morocco, Algeria,Jordan, Pakistan, Libya, Russia, Turkmenistan, and others). The cost of living being lower to other European countries the fee structure of Ukraine is quite reasonable and affordable for Indian students. Ukraine, as a member of the UN and UNESCO is actively involved in the implementation of international programs hence provides a well established platform for Indian aspirants to take MBBS admission in Ukraine.

There are eleven specialised secondary colleges, together with engineering science, geologic oil exploration, machining processes strategizing, and building technicums within the city. A gravimetric observatory of the Academy of Sciences of the Ukrainian SSR is in Poltava. Poltava has an oblast theatre of music and drama, a puppet theatre, six museums—including the museum of the History of the Battle of Poltava, a museum of native traditional knowledge, and an art museum—and a philharmonic society.


Poltava is additionally known as a cultural capital attributable to its vibrant history and lots of notable Ukrainians who were born in Poltava. Poltava was the birthplace of the author I. P. Kotliarevskii, the artist N. A. Iaroshenko, and A. V. Lunacharskii. V. G. Korolenko and A. la. Rudchenko (Panas Mirnyi) lived and worked in Poltava, and N. V. Gogol studied there. Native citizens typically follow this concept, being happy with their city and calling it “a city wherever one needs to live in”.




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