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MBBS in India or Abroad

MBBS in India from a good Government Medical college is undeniably an excellent opportunity for any medical aspirant n India. The costs of education is much less than those of in countries Germany, UK, Russia and the United States and the standard of education is also of excellent quality but the number of seats available is so less that not every aspirant get the opportunity to study here.

The students who are unable to get admitted to government medical colleges in India try their chance at securing admission in private medical colleges in India. Although, there are a lot of private colleges across the country not all them can be categorized as excellent medical colleges.

Difference in facilities

Some private colleges in India have sub-par infrastructure and facilities. Even the clinical exposure during internship at these colleges is below average as number of patients coming to these hospitals is negligible. Even after the average facilities being provided the fees of private medical colleges in India is sky-high with huge capitation involved during the admission process. Ragging and bullying can’t be completely overridden. Even after persistent efforts and vigilant measures of the authorities some instances always emerge now and then, which can’t be ignored.

MCI approved government universities abroad

International medical universities in countries like Russia, China, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Nepal, etc are Government Medical Universities listed in the Medical Council of India (MCI) and recognized by WHO (World Health Organisation). These universities are government funded and have very low fees structure. If the student has cleared NEET exam he/she is eligible to to practice in India after clearing the NEXT.

Excellent Clinical training

Most of these universities have their own teaching hospitals which are equipped with modern equipment and sophisticated medical facilities. The inflow of patients at these Government University hospitals is quiet good both in OPD and IPD.

No Entrance exam

There are few countries like USA, UK, New Zealand, etc offering MBBS abroad from where after graduation students do not need to clear any licensing exam to practice in India but the competition at these universities is intense.

These Countries have their respective entrance exams like NEET for securing an admission and the Eligibility criterion also varies based on the destination country.  If you are interested in studying medicine in the US, you need to have completed your graduation (either 4 years course or an honors course) before you can apply for the MBBS entrance exam.

In countries like Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, etc most of the medical universities have no entrance exam and do not require ILETS or GMAT scores.

More than 100 years old universities

The countries like China, Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, etc are going through economic reform phase hence the growth opportunity for the students studying here is immense and the cost of studying here is quite affordable at this stage. The medical education in the countries lying in the European belt is exceedingly developed and many of the colleges are more than 100 to 150 years old.

Language Comfort

You can study MBBS abroad in English language as in MBBS in India. Along with it foreign universities also teach local language so that during clinical training students can easily communicate with the local patients. Even in India several languages are spoken by locals so don’t consider the language barrier as a big hurdle for MBBS abroad.  You won’t witness language difficulties during your routine activities or interaction with patients and the theoretical MBBS course will be in English language.

Opportunities to pursue PG abroad

Studying MBBS abroad also open doors for pursuing PG Medical courses abroad, if the student wishes to. As after completing MBBS for pursuing a PG degree in India the student has to again take an entrance exam for securing an admission which is much difficult than UG entrance exam. If you have studied MBBS abroad you will always have an extra option to do the PG course abroad that to at affordable cost.

International facilities and exposure

The foremost advantage of MBBS in Abroad that you will get an International exposure while studying in foreign universities. You will experience the world-class MBBS education at fees much lower than private medical colleges or without any capitation. Exposure to a variety of medical conditions along with advanced technology, state-of-the-art facilities and amenities furthermore.

Licensure Exams

There will be no difference whether a student completes MBBS from India or MBBS from Abroad as the government is proposing a centralized NEXT exam for graduates of MBBS in India and abroad alike for a license to practice as a qualified Doctor. The compulsory MCI Screening Test (FMGE) will be replaced by NEXT.

We are top study abroad education consultants who have been assisting medical aspirants to study MBBS abroad at MCI approved government medical colleges of international recognition at very reasonable costs and carve out a niche path for themselves by becoming a qualified Doctor.

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Languages spoken are Russian and Ukrainian but the general public understand and are well aquainted with each. you will be glad to know that some folks you talk over with are quite fluent in English (or German, French), as these languages are studied in class making it a better choice for Indian students intrested in studying MBBS in Ukraine

Poltava city is among the most well connected cities of Ukraine. Study MBBS Ukraine at Poltava State Medical And Dental University and experience the quailty MBBS in abroad of European Standards without going through the rigrous exams of NEET.

By train:

  • Four railway lines starting west, east, south and southeast from Poltava, connect it with Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lozovaia, and Kremenchug. There are two railway stations: Poltava-Kyivs’ka (Полтава-Київська, Київський вокзал, Kyivs’ky vokzal) and Poltava-Pivdenna (Полтава-Південна, Південний вокзал, Pivdenny vokzal). each railway stations is well connected with city transport (bus/trolley).

By bus:

  • Bus connection with different cities is great, particularly along E40 road (Poltava is midway between Kyiv and Kharkov highway) buses mostly arrive/depart every hour or so. It’ll take you five hours to reach from Kyiv or three hours from Kharkov.

By car:

  • Poltava has fine road connection in most directions: west (E40 to Kiev), east (E40 to Kharkiv), southwest (E577 to Kremenchuk), north (to Hadyach), northeast (to Kotel’va and Russian boundary) and southeast (to Krasnograd, connection with E105 Moscow-Kharkiv-Simferopol road).

By flight:

Nearest airports to Poltava are-

  • Kharkov International airport (81.4 miles / 131.1 kilometers)
  • Dnipropetrovsk International airport (89.2 miles / 143.6 kilometers)
  • Belgorod International airport (116.3 miles / 187.2 kilometers)
  • Kryvyi Rih International airport (123.2 miles / 198.2 kilometers)

The geographical position of Poltava is quite favourable and you can explore the beauty as you pursue MBBS in Ukraine at Poltava State Medical And Dental University . With the course of history it considerably influenced the development of the city. Poltava stands on vital transport routes and provides communication between the largest cities of Ukraine – Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Dnipro.

The climate in Poltava is moderately continental with cool winters and warm (sometimes hot) summers. the typical temperature in January is minus 6 degrees celsius, in July- plus 20.1 degrees celsius.


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MBBS in abroad for Indian students in an MCI approved university at Cheap/low-cost fees structure options such as MBBS in Abroad is available from Rs. 9 to 60 Lacs! To study MBBS in Abroad is not at all the priority of an Indian student. However, MBBS in Abroad happens to be a great option since the fees structure of MCI approved universities is with low cost. There are around 10,000 Indian students gets admission to MBBS Abroad every year in 12 different countries.
Now Indian Students are dreaming the experience to study MBBS abroad since the quality of education is exceptionally high.

In 2018, the system of MBBS admission to the government and private medical colleges is completely changed. The government medical colleges would be through NEET – 1. The private medical colleges in India would be allowed to admit students on the merit of NEET – 2 entrance exam. This has completely stopped the donation culture prevailing till 2015. Hence, the Indian students aspiring to become doctor find it difficult to get a medical seat in India. As a result, There is the only option remains MBBS abroad.

From 2017 onward, the system would be smoother when the government and private medical colleges would be strictly through merit through one entrance test – NEET 2017. Once the results are announced for 12th standard boards in April / May every year and after the AIPMT in May, the student generally knows where he or she stands in the competition. Hence, this is the right time for the student to carve a Plan B for themselves. The biggest benefit of MBBS abroad is you can study in MBBS abroad college/university without any entrance as well as low costs to study!

In general, Indian students aspiring to become medical practitioner must understand the 3 options lying in front of you right from the beginning.

MBBS Abroad – MBBS option path

While the first one is the best option but it is very difficult to get the admission to MCI approved government medical colleges in India, the second option is actually out of reach of most of the Indians since it costs Rs 75 Lacs upward. Hence, the only option remaining is to study MBBS in abroad in an MCI approved university.

The best way to ensure that you take admission in this year itself is by reserving a medical seat for MBBS admission abroad in the month of May / June while continuing your try in Indian medical system. Hence, the first thing is to find out a good MBBS abroad consultant and not to go for an agent. Taking an MBBS admission in abroad is definitely confusing for many Indian students. This is due to many agents promoting wrong information to the Indian students trying to make money.

The students can study MBBS in abroad once the advantages and disadvantages are both clear to the Indian students. For example, around 20% of Indian students choose the MBBS in Philippines program. This is because they are not aware of the problem that thousands of students are facing. Though us places the students to top medical colleges in the Philippines, we ensure they are aware of the basic system clearly.





Indian students are resourceful to study MBBS in Abroad. Their keenness to explore new outskirts, they have grasped ‘Abroad Education’ emphatically. For this reason, MBBS in Abroad allows Indian Students to study in Abroad. You can easily fulfill your dream of being a doctor by MBBS Abroad or Abroad MBBS.  MBBS admission in Abroad is affordable.  Therefore, Medical universities in Abroad offer low-cost MBBS fees in Abroad. Study Europe helps in the MBBS Procedure in Abroad. Find MCI Approved Universities in Abroad.


Abroad is good for Medical Studies, In fact, They are eager to get admission in the last few years.MBBS admission in Abroad is affordable traveling to another country has expanded hugely. It will energize to take note of that has sent the biggest number of students to the USA. Specifically, 94,563 students from India went to the USA in 2007-08. There could be several reasons why a student would need to study abroad However, We have recorded probably the most imperative ones here;

  • MBBS in Abroad gains a worldwide viewpoint and expand your perspectives. Nevertheless, it encounters the different societies of the world.
  • Abroad Medical Program develops a worldwide system of social contacts.
  • Specifically, Medical programs in Abroad enhances your social and relational abilities.
  • MBBS in Abroad creates freedom and secure capable critical thinking abilities.
  • Abroad Medical programs give opportunities to learn new innovation. It investigates new ideas and thoughts.
  • MBBS in Abroad turns into more balanced individual prepared for better prospects.
  • Specifically, Medical programs in Abroad turns into a worldwide subject.



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