NMC has released state wise list of Medical colleges approved for Compulsory Rotatory Medical Internship of FMG: Check the important details

According to the NMC regulation, every candidate-Indian Medical Graduate (IMG) or Foreign Medical Graduate (FMG) is required to undergo a Compulsory Rotating Internship of 12-month duration after passing their Final MBBS examination/NEXT/FMGE whichever is applicable at that time to be awarded the MBBS degree.

Wherein, the IMG’s have to complete the entire Compulsory Rotating Internship in the same institute where they pursued their MBBS degree and the Foreign medical graduates shall do so only in medical colleges approved for providing Compulsory Rotating Internship.

In accordance to the regulation the National Medical Commission on 22nd February 2023 issued a state-wise list of medical colleges and institutions which are allowed to conduct Compulsory Rotating Medical Internships CRMI for Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) along with the approved annual intake of the Medical institutions for MBBS education.

As per the released list a total 96977 MBBS seats and 37354 FMGE seats for CRMI have been approved. NMC has also stated that it is still receiving number of requests/ representations regarding the medical colleges/ institutions allowed to conduct the compulsory rotating medical internship for foreign medical graduates and it may add more institutions to the list in due time.

NMC approved Medical Colleges for MBBS in India

Tamil Nadu is in lead having highest number of institutions ie 72. It also has the highest number of MBBS seats at present. Closely following states are Uttar Pradesh with 67 institutions, Karnataka with 66 institutes, Maharashtra with 63 institutions, Telangana with 44 institutes. Gujarat stands at 36 colleges, while West Bengal and Kerala both have 33 medical institutions.

Not far behind are states like Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan & Madhya Pradesh with 32, 30 & 25 medical colleges respectively in each state. Bihar has 20 institutions, Odisha 15, Chhattisgarh 14, Haryana 13, Punjab 12 and Delhi, Assam & Jammu Kashmir have 10 institutions. Going further Jharkhand and Puducherry both have 9 institutions, whereas Uttarakhand & Himachal Pradesh both have 8 institutions. Manipur and Tripura have 4& 2 medical colleges respectively and Arunachal Pradesh, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Chandigarh, Goa, Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Dadar & Nagar Haveli have only 1 medical institution each.

NMC approved Medical colleges for Compulsory Rotatory Medical Internship of FMG

In terms of CRMI for the FMG’s the state of Uttar Pradesh has taken the lead with 4490 seats, just behind is Tamil Nadu with 4430 seats and Telangana with 3844 seats. The other states have joined the list with Karnataka having 2988 seats, Maharashtra 2726 seats, Gujarat 2467 seats, West Bengal with 2181 seats and Rajasthan with 2113 seats. Madhya Pradesh has listed 1758 seats, Andhra Pradesh 1283 seats, Bihar 1043 seats, Chhattisgarh 983 seats, Odisha 927 seats, Haryana 903 seats, Kerala 747 seats, and Jharkhand 723 seats. J&K is listed with 590 seats, HP with 549 seats, and Uttarakhand with 510 seats, One can check the remaining states in the below list. (credits: NMC official website)


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