क्यों करें भारतीय स्टूडेंट्स नेपाल से MBBS की पढ़ाई

Nestled in the lap of Himalayas in South Asia, Nepal is a developing country with a vibrant culture and history and a great study abroad choice for Indian MBBS students for a long time.

Predominantly, Hindu and Buddhist influenced Nepali culture is unique but at the same time similar in many aspects with its neighboring nation India.

If you want to study MBBS in Nepal, then there are a lot of elements to know about Nepal that makes it an excellent study abroad destination for Indian students best suited for their academic growth.

जाने क्यों करें भारतीय स्टूडेंट्स नेपाल से  MBBS कीपढ़ाई:

  • Geographically close to India
  • Well-connected via railways, roads and air
  • Significant number of Indian students
  • Similar cultural environment
  • Welcoming and friendly people
  • Economical fees and low cost of living
  • Quality education without monetary burden
  • MBBS course in English, No language barrier
  • Simple Admission process no Visa formalities
  • MCI approved Colleges
  • Similar curriculum and teaching methods as India
  • Excellent monitoring and clinical exposure
  • Study of diseases common to India

Nepal is geographically very close to India and Indian parents prefer Nepal for their children’s higher studies, since it is close to home.

Nepal is well-connected with India via railways, roads and air. It is very easy to reach India during holidays or any emergency. There are daily flights and trains operating from India to Nepal and vice versa, with very low travelling cost.

The number of Indian students enrolled in Nepal medical colleges and universities is highest compared to other MBBS study abroad destinations.

The country has been inspired a lot by its neighboring nations like India in connection with cuisine, art, language culture and festivals. For Indian students it will feel as a home away from home.

The people of Nepal are very welcoming and friendly. Festivals and religious customs are similar to India. Almost 80% of the community is Hindu followed by Buddhism and other religions.

You can find an economical and quality education in Nepal. Compared to other countries, you do not need to bear monetary burden, while receiving a quality education.

The living cost is very cheap and the environment for international students is very safe and comfortable. Personal attention is given to every student with excellent monitoring to each and every candidate.

While studying MBBS in Nepal Indian students don’t have to adapt to new environment, culture and learning experience. No new language needed to be learnt for clinical training. Whole MBBS course in English

The admission process for MBBS in Nepal is very simple. No capitation stipulated and no Visa required to study MBBS in Nepal.

The medical universities of Nepal are MCI approved. After graduation the students are eligible to practice in India after taking licensure exam.

Educational, curriculum and teaching methods for MBBS in Nepal are very similar to India in terms of syllabus, books, study pattern, duration of the course; etc.

Nepal serves a diverse local community where a unique opportunity is given to students to familiarize them with practical experience and acquire skills to deal with health issues through direct communication with patients.

Diseases common to India are also found here, giving opportunity to the students to study common disease treatment during Clinical Training.

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