NEET 2019: Challenging Answer Key and OMR Response Sheet

Challenging Official NEET 2019 Answer Key

NEET exam will be conducted by NTA on May 5, 2019 and the official answer key of NEET 2019 will be released around the last week of May.

The answer key of NEET 2019 is issued code-wise meaning the answer keys will be available for papers of each language of NEET question paper 2019.

After the release of NEET 2019 answer key, it is open for challenges by the candidates. NEET answer key 2019 will be open for challenge only for two days max.

In case a candidate feels that there are errors in the response considered correct by the authorities or they are incorrect, they can challenge the particular responses.

This process of challenging the answers of the official answer key is referred as ‘challenging the answer key’.

NTA might charge a non-refundable fee of amount INR 1000/- per answer for challenging. This fee will not be refunded even if NTA accepts the challenge.

How to challenge official NEET 2019 answer key

Step 1: Visit the official site

Step 2: Enter your credentials i.e. ‘Registration Number’ and ‘Password’ and click login

Step 3: Now click on link of ‘Key Challenge’ tab and select the ‘Test Booklet Code’.

Step 4: Select the question for challenge and click on ‘submit’.

Step 5: Select the answer you think is correct and give your justification for challenge if required.

Step 6: Now click the ‘Confirm’ button and pay the required fee to submit the challenge. The fee has to be paid online via debit/credit card.

Step 7: Save the PDF and print the confirmation slip indicating that the payment is successful and the details of the answers which are challenged.

Challenging NEET 2019 OMR Response Sheet

Candidates will also be allowed to challenge the NEET OMR response sheet after its official release.

The scanned copy of the OMR sheet having the answers submitted by the candidates will be displayed online along with the NEET answer key in the last week of May 2019.

Candidates can challenge the OMR sheet In case they feel that an option other than the option marked by them is marked in the scanned image or some of the responses as they appear in the image of NEET 2019 OMR response sheet are incorrect.

NTA will give a window of two days to the candidates to challenge the NEET OMR sheet.

How to challenge NEET 2019 OMR response sheet

Step 1: Visit the official site

Step 2: Click on the link which will be enabled when the OMR response sheet is open for challenge.

Step 3: Enter your login credentials i.e. ‘Registration No.’ and ‘Password’.

Step 4: Click on the ‘OMR Challenge’ tab as displayed on the screen.

Step 5: Candidates will be directed to a new page which will have two options:

  • Click here to view your OMR Answer Sheet’
  • ‘Click here for OMR Challenge’.

Step 6: On clicking the first link, the candidates OMR response sheet will be displayed while the second link will direct them to challenge any disaccord.

Step 7: Candidates will have to pay a requisite fee of INR 1000/- per response challenged by them. The amount is non-refundable, in case authorities accept the challenge the amount paid will not be refunded.

For more details contact:

Mob: +91 81738 72222

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