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Maintaining a routine and cultivating productive habits in this time of COVID-19

Maintaining a routine and cultivating productive habits in this time of COVID-19

With the whole country almost coming to a standstill in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown lives of all the citizens working, non-working, youngsters, elderly, rich, poor have all been affected in some or the other way. Irrespective of where you are the whole country is observing the safety curfew for themselves, their families and for the society as a whole. In this testing time, the entire nation has come together and joined hands to ensure the safety of the whole generation and pledged to emerge stronger as an individual and as a nation of brave hearts.

Due to the pandemic and the national lockdown, there has been a sudden change in basic lifestyle we have been living so far. Even though we are determined and motivated to get through this testing scenario but a proper guideline or strategy towards achieving the same is equally important to emerge victoriously. We have to rethink our schedule and plan a routine that is productive as well as fulfilling to help us sail through this restructured lifestyle.

Stay active and maintain a routine

Staying active is the key to beating stress and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Exercising improves strength and agility and declutters your mind of passive thoughts. Since the option of working out in gyms is still far fetched, implementing a personalized exercise routine will eliminate your dependency on gyms for basic workout and also help you in finding a regime that suits your preference and body. Yoga and meditation are other excellent ways to keep yourself fit and balanced. Workin out and can help build your immunity in times like these. Meditation can help you destress and relax. It will help you gain energy and boost stamina. Parents should ensure that physical activity is part of the routine for children as well to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Spend quality time with family

The lockdown has given us the opportunity to stay at home 24/7, normally during your busy school or college lives, office work you may not get enough time to talk to your family and spend quality time with them. You can make this time enjoyable by spending time with family members around you. Try to involve yourself as much as you can with family discussions. Spreading laughter and positivity is the best you can contribute to your family.  Help your parents in the household chores, spend time with your grandparents, involve kids in small tasks to make them more connected in the family rather than just playing games or watching TVs.

Read or listen to audiobooks

Utilise the time to read books you have purchased and not started or finish the book you left unfinished because you weren’t getting enough time in your schedule of work. Books are the perfect way to spend long lockdown days. Spending your quality me time alone is also important for unwinding and getting lost in a good book is one of the best ways to feel relaxed. Read genres that interest you. If you have read through your entire bookshelf you can always find more books online. If you are not in the mood for reading you also have the option of listening to the audiobooks of your favourite authors or you can also listen to inspiring and interesting podcasts which are a raging trend these days.

Stay Positive

Remember that the lockdown is a temporary condition, it is not a lifelong condition. Effective ways to follow “social distancing” and still keeping in touch with your loved ones should be your focus. Keep in touch on video and audio calls and share positive messages on social media. Disruption of routine and obscurity leads a lot of people to anxiety, maintain a positive attitude and do things that make you happy like cooking, working out, praying, playing with children, spending time with family members, etc.

Find a work/study balance

With all of of us confined to our homes due to the current unfortunate occurrence, going to schools or coachings for studying is no longer an option. If you are a student you must maintain a proper disciple in your study routine and not let this time disrupt your education. If you are a professional working from home try to maintain an office like and disciplined environment during your working hours. If you want you can also wear your work clothes while working from home to comply your brain for an official environment.

Use your time in lockdown wisely, instead of stress and anxiety utilize this time to improve your skills and stay positive. When you think positively you can get many new opportunities in life under any circumstances.

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