Biratnagar, Nepal

Biratnagar is the industrial capital, the Eastern regional hub for tourism education, culture and the second largest city of Nepal.

It has all facilities and services you would expect in any capital city. While Biratnagar offers the standard of attractions which is amongst the highest in the world, the living expenses and tuition costs are still considerably less compared to other cities in Nepal and SAARC Countries, while still providing the same comfort and quality.

How to reach Biratnagar, Nepal

Flight: Biratnagar Airport operates flights from Kathmandu which takes about 40-45 minutes and also has frequent flights to Tumlingtar Airport and other airports inside Nepal. It is the regional hub for the eastern part of the country.

Trains: There are direct trains from the Indian cities of Katihar, Kolkata and New Delhi to the Indian border of Jogbani, Bihar which is 6 km from Biratnagar.

Birat Medical College Nepal

Birat Medical College and Teaching Hospital as it is known today was founded as a bedded clinic in 1991 by Dr Gyanendra Man Sing Karki. By 1994 the clinic turned into Birat Nursing Home and by year 2000, Birat Nursing Home managed to grow into 50-bedded tertiary care hospital on its own premises.

With the vision of passing on the vastly accumulated knowledge to the next generation Birat Health College (BHC), a nursing school was established in the year 2004.

Birat Medical College came into existence as the newest medical school by 2015 and a new stand-alone community-oriented teaching hospital was established as a comprehensive 350-bedded tertiary care hospital.

Today, Birat Medical College has over 900 students enrolled in 11 separate heath allied disciplines. Birat Medical College has not only produced thousands of much required health workforce for Nepal but also helped Birat Nursing Home sustain its health workforce requirement and quality.

Each day Birat Medical College oversees thousands of patients and the University is well geared towards becoming a prominent medical institute of the future. The teaching of the course includes lectures, seminars, tutorials, practical or laboratory classes, and problem-solving classes (PBL).

Birat Medical College is fully accredited by Kathmandu University School of Medical Science which is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) . Finance and Operation of Birat Medical College is independent but is directly under the supervision of Kathmandu University in terms of Academics, Examination and Teaching Calendar. The college is also recognized by the Nepal Medical Council and Medical Councils of SAARC and other countries.

Educational and teaching methods for MBBS in Nepal are similar to those of India in terms of syllabus, books, study pattern, duration of the course, etc hence Indian students are able to adapt to the study curriculum effortlessly.

Courses Offered at Birat Medical College

General Medicine

Degree- MBBS

Duration- (4 ½ + 1) Years


Clinical Training at Birat Medical College

Birat Medical College students gain experience by working with real patients by their bedside and also with virtual patients at Birat Medical Simulation Laboratory Center. Birat Medical College MBBS students spend considerable amount of their time doing a wide range of practical or laboratory work allowing students to practice and develop a wide range of discipline-based techniques and personal skills which may include –

  • Providing an opportunity to apply and investigate theoretical and conceptual knowledge
  • Developing a range of experimental techniques and approaches
  • Improving skills in collecting, analyzing, interpreting and presenting findings and data
  • Practicing a wide range of personal and transferable skills such as problem solving, team working, observing and following protocols
  • Learning how to manage resources (including time)
  • Working more effectively and safely in a laboratory or in the field.

Campus at Birat Medical College

Birat Medical College campus is beautiful, complete with towering green trees and brick buildings. There are coffee shops, sports facilities, restaurants and a multitude of great study spots.

The campus is spread over 33 acres of land that houses the whole campus:

  • Basic science blocks
  • Lecture theaters
  • Accommodation
  • Athletic Venues
  • Library
  • Two Teaching Hospitals

Hostel Facilities at Birat Medical College

Birat Medical College hostels are located on campus. It offers an established, secure and friendly community environment currently offering a variety of options to our students.

All rooms are fully furnished, including a provision and cleaning of mattresses, linens, pillows and blankets; and residents have access to shared amenities, including study rooms, full-time campus library, laundry facilities and exercise rooms.

Living on the campus of Birat Medical College not only offers better security, greater convenience and lower costs but also gives easy access to all college services – sporting facilities, counselling services, library admissions, health center, academic and social facilities.

The entire accommodation complex is on campus and is three minute walk from classes, 10 minute walk from Teaching Hospital, and has easy access to public markets and transportation.

Activities at Birat Medical College

Birat Medical College along with the privilege of educating a diverse student body with a variety of backgrounds and interests also strives to provide extramural experiences that appeal to all the students.

Community Outreach

Student organizations serve the local and global community by providing health care and education to undeserved populations in local regions throughout Eastern Nepal. Few community outreach club activities include:

  • Health Career Academy
  • Community Co-Operation
  • Healing Art
  • Birat Blood Donation Committee


  • Birat Dance Club
  • Sports Enthusiast Club
  • Sports And Fitness
  • Art Club

Literature Club / Journals

  • Journal Club
  • Literature Club

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