To be eligible for selection to the undergraduate MBBS program, all applicants should meet the following conditions:

  1. Applicants should provide academic transcripts from high school and any higher education institutions they have attended. Average scores should be higher than 80% and every subject should be higher than 60% and over 250 in NEET (for Indian Applicants).
  2. Documents must be scanned from original or notarized in Chinese or English.
  3. Applicants should be more than 18 years old and in a healthy physical condition.
  4. Applicants should have strong English Language skills. Applicants from non-English speaking countries should provide proof of their English learning from primary and secondary school or a certificate of English proficiency from a standardized English test.
  5. Applicants should have financial support, as well as guarantors for their stay in China.
  6. Students must guarantee that they will purchase medical insurance during their study period in China.
  7. Applicants must also comply with the Chinese Constitution, the laws of China and all school rules while in China.


Application Period

  • Jan 1st to June 20th every year

Documents Required

  1. Application Form (To be filled online)
  2. Clear photocopy of passport’s front page (Scan upload)
  3. Certification that you are currently enrolled in school, or a diploma, or a work certificate if you are working.(Scan upload)
  4. Application fee (After the registration information is approved, the account will be sent by email to the registered email address.)

Application process

  1. Please log in the foreign student application system of Qingdao University
  2. Within the registration opening time: register and correctly fill in the information online.
  3. After checking the registration information, please upload the proof of paying the registration fee.
  4. After confirming the fee voucher, the“E-offer”admission notice will be issued online.
  5. Please pay attention to the registration email reminder.


Step 1: Apply Online—We fill up your application form using the details furnished by you at our office.

  • Documents required for filling application form:
  1. Name, Surname
  2. Passport Number
  3. Passport Validity
  4. Gender
  5. Permanent Address
  6. Phone Number, Email Address
  7. Citizenship
  8. Date & Place of Birth
  9. Copy of International passport
  10. Copy of School leaving certificate and 12th standard mark sheet
  11. Photo of online result Neet UG 2019(only for Indian MBBS Student) NEET-UG Cut-off(General, OBC, SC/ST)
  12. Invitation charges

Step 2: Invitation letter—After receiving the documents and payment the invitation letter, admission letter and visa support letter are sent to us and we initiate the VISA processing.

Step 3: VISA processing— Along with the invitation letter from Qingdao Medical University we contact the nearest China Embassy or Consulate

  • Documents required for VISA application processing:
  1. Original Invitation letter
  2. Original International passport (valid for one year)
  3. Original Higher Secondary School certificate(12th standard mark sheet)
  4. Date of Birth Certificate
  5. Medical certificate from any good private clinic with blood reports (HIV) Specimen attached. NOTE :Issued no more than 2 months before University studies process begin
  6. 8 Passport size Photos(white background)
  7. Visa fees.
  8. 1st year tuition fee payment
  9. Signed authority letter (original) (for collecting Visa )
  10. Affidavit on a 10 Rs stamp paper (original) –Sponsorship affidavit, which has to contain: full name of a sponsor, his/her address, telephone numbers, e-mail, and obligation of a sponsor to cover expenses (stating sum of expenses) of an applicant
  11. Minor Affidavit on 10 Rs stamp paper from Father and mother if student is below 18 year old.
  12. Photo Copy of ID of parents giving affidavit and signatures should match everywhere with ID.
  13. Bank statement in name of father or mother (6 months statement original with bank stamp on it with minimum balance not less than 4.5 lakh Rs)
  14. In case account is opened less than 6 months then letter from Bank Manager stating when account was opened.
  15. In case Account holder is student then Minimum account balance may be 3.5 Lakh Rs.
  •  Step 4: ARRIVAL—After getting visa from China embassy or Consulate, we inform students and the college about flight details with date and arrival time. One of our representatives receives the student at the airport.


  1. The admission office will review all the application materials. If the applicants’ submitted documents are verified, then the applicant is required to pay the application fee to the University.
  2. The Admission Notice, the Visa Application for Study in China form (JW202 form), and the Registration Guide will be mailed to the applicant.
  3. All applicants should undergo a physical examination according to the requirements of the Chinese Embassy.
  4. Apply for an X1 visa at the Chinese Embassy or the Consulate in your home country.
  5. Register at the International Student Office during the registration period specified in the Registration Guide.

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