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PG Medical degrees from Russia,other countries soon to be recognised by MCI in India

PG Medical degrees from Russia,other countries soon to be recognised by MCI in India

PG Medical in abroad has always been a popular choice for Indian students. Large numbers of Indian students are currently studying medicine in foreign countries at different colleges (approved by MCI) due to its global recognition and International standard of education.

PG Medical abroad focuses on the all-round development of the student’s knowledge and on extensive development of the student in their chosen field of specialisation. With PG Medical in abroad in countries like Russia, China, etc being one of the more affordable options available, Indian students prefer them as their favourite destinations.

The medical education from these nations is equally credible as it utilizes the latest and up-to-date methods and techniques of teaching with extensive practical experience emphasis.

Recently, popularity among medical aspirants, to study PG-Medical in foreign countries, for global exposure and utilisation of advance technologies abroad at affordable cost has been growing exponentially. In order to address the shortage of MBBS and specialist doctors in India the MCI is considering reforms in its old rules.

At present, Students who pursue MBBS or postgraduate degree in foreign countries must take the Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) before they are eligible for practicing medicine in India. The FMGE acts as a screening test for a doctor, who holds a foreign medical degree to legally practice medicine in India.

The MCI has until now only recognised and accepted the degrees from selected countries, US, UK, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Those who have received a degree from other countries (not approved by the MCI) are not allowed to practice medicine in India.

After pursuing a medical education in certain countries(not approved by the MCI), students find it difficult to obtain a job in the clinical sector as the MCI does not recognize their degree.

The MCI is now looking to overturn this rule and is considering allowing students with medical degrees from foreign colleges to practice in India.

The Medical Council of India may soon permit students who have studied  medical post-graduation from Russia and other foreign countries to practice in India.

It has been reported that if students clear the Diplomate of National Board (DNB) exam, they can work in hospitals and medical colleges in India.

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