NEET 2019 exam comes as the zenith of months of hard work, unwavering efforts and preparations. It’s true that NEET exam is a critical milestone in young aspirants’ life and each one of them dreams to score to make it to the premier medical colleges.

Create a realistic study plan

According to NEET exam pattern and syllabus, make an effective and result-oriented study plan. Employ your time functionally and make an effectual timetable. Set targets, calculate the time available to you for NEET 2019 preparation, check your resources and then make a desired plan to study. Schedule your weeks in advance by chalking out the chapters you would like to cover.

Choose the best NEET study material

Selecting the effective study material is the key to success in the medical entrance exam. No matter how dedicatedly you prepare for the exam, if you don’t have access to the right study material, the preparation remains insufficient.

No doubt the NCERT books are the most valuable and beneficial resources to prepare the NEET2019 syllabus but don’t depend only on NCERT books to complete NEET syllabus. To get better command on the concepts and to grasp them quickly, you can also refer to the books given below to cover NEET2019 syllabus .

Physics Chemistry Biology
Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations – R. C. Mukherjee Objective NCERT at Your Fingertips for NEET
The Feynman Lectures on Physics Vol. I & Vol. II Organic Chemistry – Morrison and Boyd


Inorganic Chemistry – J. D. Lee

M.S. Chauhan

Books by T.L Rayar
Concepts of Physics Vol I and II by H.C. Verma Physical Chemistry for Medical Entrance by OP Tandon Trueman’s Elementary Biology Volume – I and Volume – II


  1. Clear your concepts

One of the extensive reasons behind lack in success in NEET exam is doubts in concepts. Students tend to skim over the topics they are not able to clear up their doubts. This is a huge risk as one can never know which section or topic will cover how many questions.

If you have doubts, make sure you go through the topic over and over until you understand it. If you still find it difficult to understand, seek help.

  1. Revise NEET Syllabus regularly

Regardless of how brilliant one is, memorising the wide syllabus of NEET is almost impossible without regular revision. Regularly keep revising the syllabus you cover. Also, make a regular revision plan to comprehend your study plan for NEET 2019 preparation.

  1. Solve NEET Test Series

Just cramming the concepts and going through the syllabus repeatedly won’t take you anywhere until you check your progress regularly. One of the efficient ways to check how much you have learned is to solve NEET test series. If you feel that the test series provided by your coaching institute is not enough, you can take NEET daily practice tests or mock tests online to regularly gauge your performance. It will also help you understand your problem areas based on which you can make required changes in your NEET preparation plan.

As NEET will be now an online exam, you also need to get ready for the revised pattern and this is possible only when you practice enough online tests. Solve as many online tests as you can to understand the process of CBT and make your strategies for the exam day. It will also help you boost your confidence.

  1. Make notes

Going through complete books every time might not be possible for every student. And this is not even required when you have already gone through the syllabus and understood all the topics. Rather, you can make short notes to improve your memory skills. You can note down the important points, formula, and theorems in a separate notebook, which you can go for quick revision every day before sleeping. It will help you memorize the things for longer.

  1. Work on weaker areas

Regular tests help you understand the areas that need more practice and revision. At times students know about their weak areas, but still, waste a lot of time on revising the strong sections as they find them interesting. Take it as an important NEET 2019 preparation tip and ensure that you spend enough time on the weak areas to convert them into your strengths. You can watch videos, take help of your teachers or can discuss the concepts with the peers to understand the difficult sections.

  1. Solve Mock tests and previous year’s NEET papers

Time is one of the biggest critical points when it comes to NEET. Students need to utilize every minute wisely to attempt 180 questions in 180 minutes. Logically, you get just one minute for each question and to ensure that you attempt the maximum number of questions in the given time, you really need to work hard on your speed. Taking mock tests is one of the best ways to boost your speed.

You should solve NEET mock tests and previous year papers. Apart from improving your speed, this also helps you understand the real environment of the examination hall, question paper pattern, previous year’s trends and the type of questions asked in the exam. Based on your performance in the mock tests, you can plan your strategies to wisely attempt questions in the real exam. To gain maximum benefit from NEET previous year papers and mock tests, create real examination hall like environment at your home, set a timer and solve the questions.


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