Kunming Medical University China

Kunming Medical University China

Kunming Medical University was initiated as a specialized associate program in medicine in 1933 by Donglu University and ever since has evolved and grown into an internationally recognized university.

In 1937, the program was expanded and became known as the School of Medicine of Yunnan University, formerly known as Donglu University. In 1956, the School finally became an independent medical education institution, known as Kunming Medical University.

Since its initiation, Kunming Medical University has graduated over 80,000 students and it has established itself as the largest specialized medical university in Yunnan and paved its path in medical education, scientific research and medical services.

Since 1998, Kunming medical university has enrolled and trained over 900 international students from 37 different countries, such as, USA, France, UK, Australia, Thailand, Laos, India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Tanzanian, Zambia, Togo, Cameroon, Brazil, Maldives, and other countries.

The degree conferred by the Kunming Medical University is internationally accredited and recognized by the medical council of leading nations including the Medical Council of India (MCI).The MBBS course duration is 6 Years and is taught in English medium.

 Kunming Medical University is offering 4 disciplines in medicine, science, management and social science, 17 Bachelor’s Degree programs, 42 Master’s Degree programs, and 1 Doctor’s Degree program.


Campus at Kunming Medical University

The university campus is constructed in 109 hectares. It has over 15,000 students, of which more than 2,000 are postgraduate students. The university has 6,750 staff and faculties, and over 1,450 are professors and associate professors.

Kunming Medical University has 17 colleges, 7 research institutes, 11 affiliated hospitals, 9 teaching hospitals, 38 practice hospitals, 9 forensic medicine sites, 6 preventive medicine practice sites, 4 pharmaceutical practice sites, and 2 optical practice sites. All of these provide Kunming Medical University students with a stable learning and practicing environment.

The 11 affiliated hospitals of Kunming Medical University have more than 10,000 patient beds. Eight of them are accredited as being Level-A Tertiary Hospitals of China. The other three affiliated hospitals are specialized at oncology, child’s diseases and stomatology.

Affiliated Hospitals at Kunming Medical University 

  • First Affiliated Hospital
  • Second Affiliated Hospital
  • Third Affiliated Hospital Affiliated Stomatological Hospital
  • Fourth Affiliated Hospital (Yunnan Second People’s Hospital)
  • Fifth Affiliated Hospital (Ji’er People’s Hospital)
  • Sixth Affiliated Hospital (Yuxi People’s Hospital)
  • Affiliated Yan’an Hospital (Kunming Yan’an hospital)
  • Affiliated sweet hospital (Kunming first people’s hospital) children’s hospital (Kunming children’s hospital)
  • Affiliated hospital of Qujing (Qujing City people’s hospital)
  • Affiliated hospital of Zhaotong (Zhaotong City first people’s hospital)
  • Affiliated Germany Hongyuan Hospital (Dehong People’s Hospital)
  • Affiliated Mental Health Center (Yunnan Provincial Mental Health Center)
  • Affiliated Hospital for Infectious Diseases (Yunnan Infectious Diseases Specialist Hospital)
  • Affiliated Cardiovascular Hospital (Yunnan Provincial Cardiovascular Hospital)

International Exchanges at Kunming Medical University 

Kunming Medical University has made remarkable achievements in the area of international exchange and cooperation. It has launched inter-institutional academic partnerships and exchange programs with medical schools and institutions in more than 30 countries worldwide, such as France, U.S.A, Germany, Australia, Japan, Singapore and Thailand etc.

Since 1998, Kunming Medical University has enrolled and trained postgraduate students, undergraduate students, advanced medical students and Chinese language students from 27 countries and regions, such as USA,  UK, France, Japan, Germany, India, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.

Facilities at Kunming Medical University 

  • The hostel facilities at Kunming Medical University are excellent and include all the basic amenities.
  • Accommodation for undergraduate students is available at the university in the students’ residence.
  • There is separate hostel for international students available as twin sharing basis.
  • The rooms are comfortable and fully furnished.
  • The accommodation includes personal toilet and shower, AC, Internet connection (2 yuan per day).
  • The hostel is situated on the university campus.
  • All the hostels are secure and special care is taken towards the security of foreign students.
  • Students could dine in the cafeteria for international students, or other three student canteens.
  • On campus, supermarkets, post office, book stores, laundry, optical shops and photo shops are available to meet most of the students’ demands. 24-hour ATM machines are also available.
  • Sport and recreation services are available on the campus including football, basketball, volleyball, tennis. Gym and table tennis are also available at the student recreation center. Students can always participate in activities organised according to their interests.

Courses Offered at Kunming Medical University


  • MBBS course

Duration- 6 year

Language- English

  • Clinical Medicine

Duration- 5 year

  • Stomatology

Duration- 5 year

  • Clinical Anesthesiology

Duration- 5 years

  • Laboratory Medicine

Duration- 5 years

  • Medical Imaging

Duration- 5 year

  • Optometry

Duration- 5 years

  • Forensic Medicine

Duration- 5 years

  • Preventive Medicine

Duration- 5 years

  • Nursing

Duration- 4 years

  • Pharmacology

Duration- 4 years

  • Public Health Management

Duration- 4 years

  • Labor & Social Security

Duration- 4 years

  • Law (Medical Law)

Duration- 4 years

  • Rehabilitation Treatment

Duration- 4 years

  • Aesthetic Medicine

Duration- 4 years


Duration- 3 years

Specialties in 34 fields (Oral Medicine, Physiology, Neurophysiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Human Anatomy & Histology and Embryology, Pathogenic Biology, Pathology and Pathophysiology, Forensic Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Neurology, Psychiatry and Mental Health, Dermatology and Venereology, Radiology and Nuclear Medicine, Clinical Laboratory Diagnostics, Surgery, Obstetrics, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Oncology, Anesthesiology, Oral Basic Medicine, Oral Clinical Medicine, Epidemiology and Bio statistics, Occupational and Environmental Health, Maternal and Child Health Care, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Pharmacology, Social Medicine and Public Health Management, Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Health Toxicology, Combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine, Gerontology)


Duration- 3 years

Specialties(General surgery, Neurosurgery, Orthopedic Surgery, Plastic Surgery, Thoracic Surgery, Cardiac Surgery, Burns Surgery)

Eligibility Criteria for Indian students at Kunming Medical University

The following is the minimum MBBS in China eligibility criteria for admission of an Indian student at Kunming Medical University:

  • There is no entrance exam in India like IELTS/SAT, etc.
  • The student must be 17 years plus as on 31st December of the year in which the admission is being taken.
  • The student must have completed class 12th from a regular board.
  • The student must have an aggregate of at least 50% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and must have English as a compulsory subject if the student is from the General category.
  • The student must have an aggregate of at least 40% in Physics, Chemistry and Biology and must have English as a compulsory subject if the student is from SC/ST/OBC.
  • You need to clear NEET from 2019 onward for admission in any country in abroad.

Admission Process at Kunming Medical University

Step 1: Apply Online—We fill up your application form using the details furnished by you at our office.

  • Documents required for filling application form:
  1. Name, Surname
  2. Passport Number
  3. Passport Validity
  4. Gender
  5. Permanent Address
  6. Phone Number, Email Address
  7. Citizenship
  8. Date & Place of Birth
  9. Copy of International passport
  10. Copy of School leaving certificate and 12th standard mark sheet
  11. Photo of online result Neet UG 2019(only for Indian MBBS Student) NEET-UG Cut-off(General, OBC, SC/ST)
  12. Invitation charges


Step 2: Invitation letter—After receiving the documents and payment the invitation letter, admission letter and visa support letter are sent to us and we initiate the VISA processing.

Step 3: VISA processing— Along with the invitation letter from Kunming Medical University we contact the nearest China Embassy or Consulate

  • Documents required for VISA application processing:
  1. Original Invitation letter
  2. Original International passport (valid for one year)
  3. Original Higher Secondary School certificate(12th standard mark sheet)
  4. Date of Birth Certificate
  5. Medical certificate from any good private clinic with blood reports (HIV) Specimen attached. NOTE :Issued no more than 2 months before University studies process begin
  6. 8 Passport size Photos(white background)
  7. Visa fees.
  8. 1st year tuition fee payment
  9. Signed authority letter (original) (for collecting Visa )
  10. Affidavit on a 10 Rs stamp paper (original) –Sponsorship affidavit, which has to contain: full name of a sponsor, his/her address, telephone numbers, e-mail, and obligation of a sponsor to cover expenses (stating sum of expenses) of an applicant
  11. Minor Affidavit on 10 Rs stamp paper from Father and mother if student is below 18 year old.
  12. Photo Copy of ID of parents giving affidavit and signatures should match everywhere with ID.
  13. Bank statement in name of father or mother (6 months statement original with bank stamp on it with minimum balance not less than 4.5 lakh Rs)
  14. In case account is opened less than 6 months then letter from Bank Manager stating when account was opened.
  15. In case Account holder is student then Minimum account balance may be 3.5 Lakh Rs.
  •  Step 4: ARRIVAL—After getting visa from China embassy or Consulate, we inform students and the college about flight details with date and arrival time. One of our representatives receives the student at the airport.

We are recognized study abroad education consultants who have been assisting medical aspirants to study MBBS abroad /MBBS in China at MCI approved government medical colleges of international recognition at very reasonable costs.

For more details contact:

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