Quick facts about Fergana

  • Country: Uzbekistan
  • Capital: Tashkent
  • Currency: Uzbek som (UZS)
  • Official languages: Uzbek
  • Religion: 88.6% Muslims, 9.4% Christians & 2% others
  • Country GDP: $50.485 billion
  • City Population: 3,896,395
  • City Total Area: 6,760 km2 (2,610 sq mi)
  • City Calling code: 73
  • City Climate: Average temp in Winter(-3.6 to 3.9) °C & Summer (34.7- 20.4) °C
  • Country Calling code: +998
  • Time Zone: UTC+5 (UZT)
  • Flight duration from India:
    • 3hr Non Stop flight from New Delhi to Tashkent
    • 30m Non Stop flight from Tashkent to Fergana

About Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health

  • Name of Institute: Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health
  • Year of Establishment: 1998
  • Location: Fergana city
  • Course Language: English/Uzbek/Russian
  • Institute Type: Government university
  • Approved By:  Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education, Uzbekistan & NMC (India)
  • Courses offered: MBBS, General Medicine, Paediatrics
  • MBBS duration (English Program): 5 Years
  • Academic Session: September
  • World Ranking: 8294


Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health situated in the well developed industrial region of Uzbekistan is a center of education, science and culture” of the Fergana city.  Founded in 1930 as a government university Fergana State University collaborated with Tashkent State Medical Institute to open its branch in the city of Fergana in 1992 as, a Sanitary and Hygienic Faculty. Later this faculty became a branch of the Second Tashkent State Medical Institute and the faculty was expanded to become a medical center. Gradually, both these centres began training general practitioners in 1998 and later on in the year 2000, a Master’s program was also introduced at Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health for the training of highly qualified scientific and pedagogical staff and medical specialists.

Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health places great emphasis on attracting talented faculty from home and abroad to develop the university. It upholds this resolve to advance the university by employing top faculty, developing quality disciplines, and delivering advanced programmes. The University has a curriculum focused heavily on skill development and students are offered training programmes along with academics to prepare them as a medical practitioner capable of practising in their home country or where ever they want to practice medicine in future.

Recognition and accreditation

Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health is officially accredited by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education Uzbekistan, recognised by the National Medical Commission of India (NMC) and Listed in the World Directory of Medical Schools. After graduating, the students can practice medicine in any part of the world by taking the respective licensing exams like NEXT (India), USLME (USA), PLAB (UK) etc.

International Partnership

Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health has agreements of mutual cooperation with many renowned international institutes. Joint programs with higher education institutions of the Russian Federation have also been established for the students of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Pharmacy etc which is managed efficiently by the International department and contributes to overall development and benefit of the students.

From the academic year 2019-2020, students of the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry, Pediatrics, Pharmacy, organized on the basis of a joint program with higher education institutions of the Russian Federation. 150 students from India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan and the Russian Federation study at the faculty in Russian and English.

Academic Faculty

The teachers of the Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health are highly qualified and experienced individuals. Most of them are either Doctor of Medical Sciences or Candidate of Medical Sciences (PhD). Also Foreign teachers are hired along with local faculty members to teach foreign students in English medium more efficiently.

Medical Education in English language

Due to the sharp increase in the number of International students and to bring reforms in the health care system the International faculty of the Fergana Institute of Public Health Medical Institute was established and began instruction of bachelor’s program in English language from 2019.

A large number of students from India, Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, Kyrgyzstan and the Russian Federation study at Fergana Institute of Public Health Medical Institute in Russian and English language programs offered at the International faculty.

Today more than 1300 students are studying in various programs at the International faculty including International students and students from neighbouring countries. The duration of medical programs for international students and Indian students is 5 years and the language of instruction for complete course is English language followed by a 1 year internship.

Scientific Diagnostic center & Clinical training

The scientific diagnostic center at the Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health creates enough conditions and opportunities for students to enhance their scientific potential and test theoretical knowledge in practice through direct participation in the practical process.

It provides medical care to the population and also provides opportunities to the professors and teachers of the institute to expand the scope of their scientific diagnosis and research. All clinical hospitals are equipped with modern facilities to train students at a higher scientific and professional level.

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FEES STRUCTURE for Fergana Medical Institute of Public Health

For more details contact:

Toll-Free: 18002744466
Mob:+91 8173872222/+91 8173932222



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