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Benefits of forming a study group and using it effectively

Benefits of forming a study group and using it effectively

Some people are most productive when they are not in the presence of other people or in a social setting. It is much easier for them to focus and maintain that focus when it is just them and the material they are studying. On the other hand, many people express the effectiveness of studying in a group setting for them and how it expands their understanding of the information because discussing and explaining the information with others make them retain the topic for longer period of time and help them understand it from different perspectives.

One way of determining which study style is most effective is by trying to work out your preparation in both study styles and find out which study setting you are more comfortable in and works best for you.

Help you overcome procrastination

While during the self-study you can go at your own pace and take breaks whenever you desire, a problem that many students face is procrastination. Even though a lot of students have ample amount of time exam preparations but due to the habit of procrastination, they delay things until the last minute and get behind the schedule. For students like this studying in a group might be the answer to stick to a studying schedule and ace the Exam preparations. Studying in a group requires responsibility, you have to follow a study schedule and meet up at a specific time to study for a specific amount of hours.

Offer a deeper understanding

Not understanding a concept and having no one around to help can get very frustrating. Working with other students and studying the same material as them gives you the opportunity to ask questions if you become confused or are unable to grasp a certain segment of the book. Having other students around to help review concepts can also offer a deeper understanding of the class material. You can learn from others and pick up their study techniques that work for you.

Makes you feel motivated and confident

Many students derive energy from being around other people and look forward to learning and discussing material with their study group. Discussing concepts with others tests the comprehensive capability of the students. It helps the student identify that the topics they have covered have been understood clearly by them and they will be able to answer those topics in the exams effectively or not. It also improves the confidence of the students for the exams.

Makes you a team player

If the concept of group study is used carefully & properly, it can be of great advantage in the long run of life. Discussing and cross-questioning during study sessions develop your communication skills and enhances professional and interpersonal skills which will be very fruitful in the future. You learn to work effectively in a team and use it as your strength in all spheres of life.

Points to remember:

  • Have a small study group not exceeding 4-5 students.
  • Try to include like-minded students in the group who are enthusiastic to get most out the study group.
  • The group should clearly determine what they will cover in the next study session.
  • Convenient time schedule and location should be chosen for every session.
  • Test sessions and mock exams must be inculcated in the study schedules.

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