A competitive exam carries a lot of pressure and expectations. As the competition is intense it is natural for you to feel a fear of failure. Questions such as, ‘What if you don’t clear the exam? What if it’s not your day?’ are indeed unsettling. But, it is important for you to remind yourself of your potential, capabilities and be confident.

Keep in mind that the exam is not tough; the competition, the peer pressure and the expectations of your parents make you lose confidence.

Here are a few tips imperative to keep in your mind before going to the exam; which will give you confidence, that your preparation for the test is sufficient enough for you to succeed.

Focus on you

Taking exams is terrifying. The pressure increases even more if you let what those around you are doing affect you. If you’ve taken exams before you may have experienced this. Everyone has different approaches to exams so try your hardest to block out pressure around you. Your exam needs and deserves your full attention. Spend your energy wisely and do the best you can.

Visualize positivity

Whenever you are preparing for exams visualize that you will pass the exam. Never allow the thought of failure to bring you down or ruin your exam preparation. The mere thought about failure or fear about it invites stress to overcome you. During that period of stress, you will not be able to complete your studies. Hence, feel that you will pass by all the work you have put through.It’s human nature to get nervous but strong determination and hard work can let you overcome any obstacle.

Relentlessly Work Hard

There is no alternative to hard work. Always do your best even if you don’t have to. You know what are your strong subjects and topics but don’t ignore the weaker ones. At least try to clear the basics of those particular topics because it’s a competitive exam and you can’t afford to do any mistake.

Know the Exam Pattern

Once you are familiar with the exam pattern, marking scheme and time duration, you can analyze and figure out what section or what kind of questions you want to attempt first. A well-planned execution will give you confidence in your preparation and in turn eliminate any anxiety.

Practice thoroughly

Practice till it becomes an effortless walk for you. You understood, prepared, and practised a particular topic still it’s advisable that you try to solve as many as different types of questions as possible. It will broaden your knowledge and logical thinking. Over practising will never harm, it will just make you more confident of your preparation.

Turn your fear into motivation

Fear arises due to uncertainty, anxiety, lack of preparedness and confidence. Fear can be turned into a source of motivation that pushes you to give your best. Fear stops you from taking things for granted. Therefore, a bit of fear is actually good in competitive exam.

A bit of fear will compel you to work harder, cover all ends, and reach a level of preparedness, which otherwise might be unthinkable to attain. As long as your self-belief is bigger than the fear, you don’t have to worry.

Ultimately, it is how well you prepare, and how confident you feel that decide how you perform in the exam. Fear is only as big as you make it. Instead of fearing fear, it is better to embrace it and march on.

Thinking will not overcome fear but action will.”

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