Hostel Facilities and Affiliated Hospitals at Guangzhou Medical University China

Hostel Facilities and Affiliated Hospitals at Guangzhou Medical University China

Guangzhou Medical University

Hostel Facilities at Guangzhou Medical University

  • The international students at Guangzhou Medical University can expect an enriching and pleasant campus life at the university.
  • Culture sharing activities are organised periodically to let Chinese and foreign students experience different cultural customs and lifestyle of different countries.
  • All the hostels are secure and special care is taken towards the security of foreign students.
  • The rooms are comfortable and fully furnished available as single room and double room.
  • Hostels have reading rooms, tearoom and fitness rooms in the building.
  • All the campuses have gyms, sports arenas and recreation centers.
  • All Asian cuisines are available at  Guangzhou Medical University hostel mess.
  • There are a range of Chinese food, Western food, tea houses, snack bars options available within convenient transportation distance.
  • Rooms and flats for rent are also available near the campus for all students if required.
  • All the students are medically insured as per the norms of Chinese government.
  • The Insurance Company covers the expenses of medical treatment due to disease or accidental injuries and relevant compensation.

Faculties at Guangzhou Medical University

 Guangzhou Medical University proudly presents 21 schools:

  1. School of Basic Medical Sciences,
  2. School of Public Health,
  3. School of Pharmaceutical Sciences,
  4. School of Stomatology,
  5. School of Nursing,
  6. GMU-GIBH Joint School of Life Sciences,
  7. Nanshan School,
  8. School of Mental Health,
  9. School of Pediatrics,
  10. School of Health Management,
  11. School of Marxism,
  12. School of International Education,
  13. School of General Practice & Continuing Education,
  14. Kingmed College of Laboratory Medicine,
  15. Graduate School,
  16. First Clinical School,
  17. Second Clinical School,
  18. Third Clinical School,
  19. Fifth Clinical School,
  20. Sixth Clinical School,
  21. The Clinical School of Guangzhou First People’s Hospital.

Affiliated hospitals at Guangzhou Medical University

  1. The First Affiliated Hospital is a comprehensive tertiary hospital with 1,546 patient-beds, is renowned for excellence in treating respiratory diseases with a state key-lab, the Respiratory Diseases Research Institute. The Hospital boasts one national clinical research center and six state key clinical specialties: allergic reaction, oncology, respiratory medicine, thoracic surgery, urology, intensive care.
  2. The Second Affiliated Hospital is a comprehensive tertiary hospital with 1,198 patient-beds, specializing in neuropathy, cardiovascular diseases etc. The Hospital boasts two state key clinical specialties: pain management, allergic reaction.
  3. The Third Affiliated Hospital is a comprehensive tertiary hospital with 956 patient-beds, specializing in obstetrics and gynecology. The Hospital boasts one state key clinical specialty: obstetrics.
  4. The Fifth Affiliated Hospital is a secondary hospital with 404 patient-beds, specializing in minimally invasive surgery and rehabilitation medicine.
  5. The Sixth Affiliated Hospital
  6. Cancer Center of Guangzhou Medical University is a tertiary hospital with 676 patient-beds, specializing in oncology.
  7. Affiliated Stomatology Hospital is a specialty hospital with 260 dental chairs, specializing in dentofacial surgery, orthodontic surgery, restorative dentistry and oral care.

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