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Bicol Christian College of Medicine Philippines

Bicol Christian College of Medicine Philippines

The Bicol Christian College of Medicine (BCCM) was established in 1980 at Legazpi City in Philipines. BCCM is the pioneer medical school and the number one producer of the best and brightest medical professionals in the Bicol Region. Legazpi is the capital of Albay Province and is located at the foot of active Mt Mayon (2462m), justifiably dubbed as the world’s most perfect volcano. Legazpi is divided into Albay District and Legazpi City. Albay is a better place to stay, while the city has an appealing seafront area south of the centre.

Bicol Christian College of Medicine is a member of the Association of Philippine Medical Colleges Foundation, Inc., it is an accredited member of the Foundation of the Advancement of International Medical Education and Research, registered internationally with the World Health Organization and recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI).

Bicol Christian College of Medicine is the only medical school that has produced 100% passing rate in the examination administered by the Medical Council of India (MCI). It has produced globally competitive doctors from all over the world and 85% of government positions, in medical centres, district hospitals, RHU in Bicol region are BCCM graduates.

The four-year medical course at AGO Bicol Christian Medical College is called Doctor of Medicine (M.D) like other Philippines Medical Universities. Before doing the MD course, the candidate must enrol into pre-medicine course (BS Program) of 2-year duration. After completing BS premedical course students will move on to MD course.

The MD degree at Bicol Christian Medical College is recognized by the Medical Council of India (MCI) and is equivalent to the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) degree offered in the UK, Australia, India and other Commonwealth countries.

Bicol Christian College of Medicine possesses well trained and highly educated faculty members equipped with all the modern technology. It also provides sufficient numbers of non-technical staffs to provide an educational ambience of overall learning to the students. The college is committed to uplift the health care education and output delivery system for the people of the country.


The Ago General Hospital was established in 1942 which served as the base hospital for Bicol Christian College of Medicine students.

Bicol Christian College of Medicine is also affiliated with two government hospitals, Bicol Medical Center in Naga City and Bicol Regional Training and Teaching Hospital in Legazpi City.


Bicol Christian College of Medicine has academic resources and facilities for both lecture and laboratory. It has a well-equipped laboratory and other study materials useful in facilitating the learning of the students.

The institution has a library and a world-class SmarTeach e-laboratory. Several buildings have been developed in anticipation of the growing population of medical students.


SmarTeach is the tool for learning materials provided by the school and utilized by the students. It is a revolutionary learning tool and the “smartest” way to study medicine.

It integrates simulation of a thousand references, tutorials, animated videos, and a series of practice quizzes and exams for teaching. It maximizes the utilization of time and contains organized lectures that are easily accessible.

It also provides computer-based examinations making it on par with the advancement in medical education because of its fast and accurate results. There is a roster of highly qualified faculty guiding the students throughout their journey to becoming doctors.


Bicol Christian College of Medicine participates in non-curricular activities such as medical missions and outreach activities in the community, foundation days, seminars, quiz bees, and medical school gatherings.

Bicol Christian College of Medicine has a strong tie-up with its partners in the community, the city health of Legazpi and Barangay Sogod in Bacacay, Albay. Internationally it has ties with Kobe International University in Japan and the American Center for Investigative Cardiology (ACIC) in Washington DC, USA, and international NGOs providing medical missions and surgeons for the poor.


The curriculum includes classroom lectures, laboratory preparations and group discussions. This is followed by clinical rotation in Ago Medical Center or other Medical hospitals during which students will get a chance to diagnose and treat inpatients under senior doctor guidance.

It covers the normal Human Anatomy, Parasitological, Gynecology, Biochemistry, Physiology, Obstetrics, Pharmacology, Pediatrics, Community Health, General Medicine, Communal Health Preventive Medicine, Medical Practice, Psychiatry, etc

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