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Perks of studying MBBS from Nepal

Perks of studying MBBS from Nepal

Studying MBBS from abroad has become a trend in India. And for Indian students, doing their MBBS from Nepal is most beneficial and best option available. The similarity between culture, food, weather for Nepal & India is a lot compared to other countries considering European and western countries. And along with all these facilities, there is no difference when it comes to syllabus and teaching methodology between these two countries.

There are a few perks of studying MBBS in Nepal which can be listed down below-

Best Faculty System: As the distance between India & Nepal is very less, therefore, a lot of highly qualified faculties are professors in Nepal medical college. The main reason being that Nepal offers such an attractive package to Indian faculties making it sure that the quality of teaching should not be compromised.


Low Fees: The fees for a private college in India is around 75 lacs + which is not easy for the middle-class family to afford. Whereas in Nepal the fees are more on the pocket-friendly zone making it easy for the family to provide their children quality education without paying a huge amount for their studies. Along with this, the living cost of Nepal is not very expensive and also the cost of traveling from India to Nepal is also very low.


All the courses approved by MCI: One of the most important reasons of studying in Nepal is that all the courses are approved by MCI which means that the students can complete their education in Nepal and then can return back to India and can start their practice here itself.


MCI Screening passing percentage is high: As one might know that after studying MBBS abroad if one wants to practice in India, then he/she has to pass the screening test. And the percentage to pass MCI screening test is very high for the students who have completed their MBBS from Nepal as the education system of Nepal and India are almost same, making it easy for the students to clear it.

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