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Jiangsu University (UJS), Zhenjiang, China

Jiangsu University has a campus area of around 550 Acres in Zhenjiang. The university has a B+ grade. There are many advantages of studying at Jiangsu University as compared to any other university in China.

At present, there is around 4500 staff which includes-

  • Chinese Academy of Science academicians-02
  • Chinese Academy of Engineering academician-05
  • Doctor tutors-150
  • Professors-around 300
  • Associate professors-850
  • Students-around 35000
  • Postgraduates-6300


The campus of Jiangsu University comprises of-

  • Schools & Colleges-24
  • Undergraduate programs-76
  • Post-doctoral research stations-06
  • Primary Ph.D. disciplines-05
  • D. programs-33
  • Master’s programs-100
  • National key disciplines-02
  • Provincial key disciplines-10
  • Provincial key laboratories-11


Affiliations of Jiangsu University: The University has various directories-

  • WHO
  • SCHS, etc.


The advantages of Jiangsu University are listed down-

  • The college fee of Jiangsu University is very low making it profitable and affordable for the students to get admission in the university.
  • The atmosphere of the university is very strict and focused on studies.
  • High passing percentage of students in MCI screening test due to the quality of education in university.
  • The weather pattern of China and India are very similar making it easy for the students to adjust except for 1 month of winter.
  • The total duration of MBBS in Jiangsu University is five years with the option of internship saving time and money of about one year.
  • Famous city-Shanghai is only 3 hours away from the university where students can visit to relax and enjoy their weekend.
  • The campus comprises of around 1500 international students making it adjustable for students of any country to get settled.
  • Around 8 canteens are available in the university providing food options of various kinds.
  • The medium used for education at Jiangsu University is English making it easy for Indian students to understand and learn everything.


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