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Ternopil State Medical University

Ternopil State Medical University is situated within the state of Ternopil, Ukraine and was established in 1957. The Ukraine Ministry of Health has graded Ternopil State Medical University 1st among the medical universities in Ukraine. It has been awarded the IV (highest) certification level by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. Ternopil State Medical University is one amongst the highest ranking medical universities of Ukraine providing high-quality academic medical programs that meet international standards. Ternopil State Medical University analysis colleges are recognized around the world for their achievements in numerous fields of medication.

Ternopil State Medical University offers you qualification attainable through a study model adopted in most countries. Ternopil State Medical University implements European and American educational standards and integrates into the international education and research community.

Ternopil State Medical University at a glance:

Founded: Ternopil State Medical University was established in 1957.

Faculty: Around 600 faculty members (3 academicians of the National Academy of bioscience of Ukraine, 85 full professors, over 500 associate professors and assistant professors)

Students: Over 5,000 Foreign Students over 1,500 from 53 countries Alumni over 20,000, over 18,000 in Ukraine, nearly 2,000 in alternative countries (USA, Canada, Israel, Germany, Austria, Norway, UK, some Asian and African countries)

Library Collection: Around 6, 00,000 volumes

Faculties, Departments, and Institutes: Ternopil State Medical University is comprised of 5 faculties, 60 departments and also the Institute of Nursing Hospitals University Hospital, University Dental Center and 15 affiliated regional and municipal teaching hospitals, 4 practical training centers in rural areas Recreational Facilities Recreational complex “Chervona Kalyna”, sports

Recreational Facilities: Recreational complex “Chervona Kalyna”, sports center Student housing 4 modern dorms.


Why opt for Ternopil State Medical University?

  • The total college fees of Ternopil State Medical University is less than most universities in Ukraine and is incredibly reasonable for Indian Students.
  • The customary of Education for MBBS in Ukraine is extremely top quality and Teachers/Lecturers here are extremely qualified and leaders in their field.
  • No Admission test similar to IELTS or GMAT is needed for Admission in Ternopil State Medical University for MBBS in Ukraine. The Admission method is extremely easy.
  • Ternopil State Medical University is a part of the Bologna method. The Bologna method is a series of ministerial conferences and agreements between European countries designed to make sure the equivalence of the standards and quality of higher education qualifications that ensures a top quality of education.
  • The Country Ranking of Ternopil State Medical University is extremely high.
  • The degree awarded by the Ternopil State Medical University of Ukraine are Globally Recognised by International bodies and Organizations similar to the Medical Council of India (MCI), World Health Organization (AVICENNA Directory for Medicine), FAIMER, UNESCO, and AMEE.
  • The students who have completed their medical degrees from Ternopil State Medical University in Ukraine are eligible to apply for International Licensing Exams like MCI Screening test, USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK), moreover as other licensing exams taking place throughout the world.
  • Very Low Annual Fees – studying MBBS in Ukraine prices 70th below the private Medical colleges in India. No Donation & no Hidden prices.
  • Guest lecturers/professors and visiting college of the universities in Ukraine include Globally Acclaimed teachers and working professionals who are ready to share their information and skill with the young minds.
  • Cost of living is additionally reasonable in Ukraine.
  • The medium of instruction is English for learning MBBS in Ukraine.
  • Studying MBBS in Ukraine provides an entranceway to other European Countries because it has bilateral student agreements in place with countries resembling Finland, Sweden, Czech Republic and others, therefore, making it easier for college kids to study in other European nations.
  • The college to Student ratio is about 1:15 – small class size ensures that Students get individual attention.
  • More than 4,000 Indian students are presently learning at MBBS in Ukraine



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