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Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University

Danylo Halytsky Lviv National Medical University is staffed by concerning 1,200 researchers and lecturers, together with 108 professors. 27 academicians, 7 members of the Academy of the various levels and specializations are the real pride of LNMU. The youngest generation of scientists at the university includes about 300 competitors for scientific degrees candidate and doctor of sciences, about 550 members of the Scientific Society of students.

Lviv National Medical University was outlined as the basic institution within the Western a part of Ukraine on the implementation of changes of the educational processes in line with the Bologna Declaration. International university’s activity is directed to joining the global health and education areas for exploration and implementation of the university’s analysis achievements. The university actively works with different medical organizations in Western Europe, India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Peru, Middle East countries and others. The scientists of the university implement their analysis works at the leading instructional and scientific medical establishments in Poland, Germany, France, Hungary, USA, Australia, Canada,

Sweden, Belgium.

Nowadays concerning 5150 students are receiving education at the Lviv National Medical University. The teaching of international students started in 1960. Since then, over 2, 000 citizens of Europe, Asia, Africa and America are educated at LNMU and successfully work in the medical sphere in several countries. 330 of foreigners have graduated from the postgraduate department of the university and 70 became professors. The university’s graduates who currently live and work abroad, demonstrate a high level of knowledge and of skilled training they received in Lviv and as a result, it ends up in the expansion of interest to the university from international applicants. Improvement of the hostel’s conditions and good infrastructure of the town contribute to that also.

LNMU is additionally a really modern university with a robust material and technical facilities. There are 14 educational campuses, 40 clinical bases, academic and industrial pharmacy, the students’ dental clinic. Clinical Departments of the Lviv National Medical University wherever students gain practical experience are situated within the hospitals, clinics and medical centers of Lviv. The departments are equipped with all required modern medical and diagnostic machines. Additionally, Lviv National Medical University has many computer classes with web access. The development of the new campus of the University’s Dental clinic was finished recently and currently, it’s being equipped with new medical facilities. The library of the university has over 530 thousand books of medical literature moreover as trendy pc instrumentality.

There square measure the subsequent colleges at the university: medical, dental, pharmaceutical, preparatory, postgraduate. Except that there is the Institute of Clinical Pathology, Central research laboratory and also the Laboratory of business toxicology, center tor testing of new anticancer medicines, Scientific and research center of biological psychiatry. so as to form the medical services to the patients on the extent of Western Europe and the North America standards, it had been established the Department of Clinical Pharmacy, Pharmacotherapy and Medical Standardization at the University.

The teaching of the most specialties – medicine, dental medicine and pharmacy for international students is administered in Ukrainian, English and Russian languages. Studying in English was enforced in 1998 and from then reached a very good level. Around 200 persons study in English at the university today. Students who begin from the preparatory department learn the Ukrainian language and also the basic subjects for more education – biology, chemistry, and physics. Once graduation from the propaedeutic department students receive state certificates and might continue finding out at the primary year in Ukrainian or in English languages at the Lviv National Medical University or at the other medical university in Ukraine.

The university starts the new educational year on the 1st of September. Students who commit to being a part of the 1st year of studying should arrive before this date. The preparatory department admission lasts till the 15th of November. We suggest contacting us and fill Apply now form in advance.



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