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Hostel facilities at International School of Medicine

Hostel facilities at International School of Medicine

The International School of Medicine as a division of International University of Kyrgyzstan (IUK) occupies the medical campus of University that comprises of several study centers.

Following are the specialized facilities of the University:


Campuses are well equipped with auditoriums, lecture halls, and leisure facilities. Practical labs have modern multimedia and special equipment.

It is an up-to-date big building with many well-equipped classrooms, lecture halls, laboratories. Some buildings are there for laboratory research purposes as well.

International School of Medicine also has a dedicated Simulation Medicine Center which incorporates educational process of innovative high-tech training modules (simulation phantoms, virtual simulators, simulators / simulation training tools), as well as practice-oriented simulative training methods.

Hostel facilities at International School of Medicine

Hostel life is an essential aspect of college experience.ISM provides students with support services along with educational services,related to arrival, stay, accommodation and security.

International School of Medicine students come from different countries with their own distinct cultures, perspectives, and lifestyles. The main goal of the faculty and administration is to help them to adapt to the new environment.

International School of Medicine provides opportunity to live in school dormitories or rent apartments as per their will. However, students are advised to stay at the dormitory for the first years of studies.

Students are encouraged to form clubs by interest and provided many opportunities such as International Student’s Network –TÜNDÜK, ISM Student Community.

International School of Medicine has a multimedia center, the Student Community, leisure rooms for music, dance, instrumental performance and reading room. It also offers snack rooms for students.

All the rooms provided are well furnished and equipped with a common kitchen for student’s convenience.

The campus infrastructure ensures comfortable and safe environment for the international students and are equipped with- cafes, gym, cinema, student clubs, etc.

Students of the International School of Medicine campus have the opportunity to lead active social life, along with active learning activities.

Library facilities at International School of Medicine

The central Library of the International School of Medicine houses specific books and manuals needed for academic studies and provides many other useful books that students may find interesting.

For all the disciplines there are electronic textbooks, which include lecture and seminar materials. There is a large stock of case-study tasks, which help students develop the clinical thinking. In addition, there is an electronic library and a huge amount of visual aids.

Health services at International School of Medicine

International School of Medicine medical service coverage is provided for the duration of student’s study in the school. Medical service coverage fee will be added to student tuition.

Medical coverage covers emergency hospitalization and medical services (including out-patient treatment at a doctor’s clinic) for an unexpected sickness or injury.

Indian Alumni Association at International School of Medicine

The alumni Association of the International School of Medicine was established in April 2016 in India. It has connected more than 1000 former Indian students of the school.

Formed as the initiative of the graduates, the Association aims to provide communication between the graduates of the International School of Medicine, to promote professional and personal development of its members, preservation and enhancement of the values.

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