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Hostel Facilities at Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine

Hostel Facilities at Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine

Hostel Facilities at Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine

  • The hostel facilities at Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine are excellent and include all the basic amenities.
  • Accommodation for undergraduate students is available at the university in the students’ residence.
  • There is a separate hostel in the overseas students’ residence wing for international students available as single room and double room.
  • The rooms are comfortable and fully furnished.
  • The accommodation includes personal toilet and shower, Telephone, Internet connection (2 yuan per day).
  • The hostel is situated on the university campus.
  • All the hostels are secure and special care is taken towards the security of foreign students.
  • Rooms are also available for rent near the campus for all students.
  • International students at Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine can apply for a dining card at the Nanyuan canteen, Xiyuan canteen and Dongyuan canteen. Then deposit the money into the card for food.
  • Students can access the university cafeteria any time.
  • There are restaurants nearby the campus as well where one can purchase meals of their choice.
  • There are so many Chinese food, Western food, tea houses, snack bars and bars. With convenient transportation, students can choose any one for themselves.
  • The students can also engage in many sports activities and events held at the campus.


Library Facilities at Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine

  • Founded in 1956, Guangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine Library is the school’s document information center.
  • It consists of the Xianyu Campus Library and the Mingxiu Campus Library.
  • The two campus libraries have a total of 1,300 reading seats, and 12 service windows, including an electronic reading room, a current reading room, a Chinese medicine library, a Western medicine library, a reading room, and a sample library.
  • The library has 122.5 million paper books, 3,600 papers and Chinese and foreign periodicals, 190,000 copies, more than 3.5 million e-books, and nearly 10,000 volumes of ancient books and magazines.
  • There are 20 types of electronic resources. It covers books, periodicals, dissertations, conference papers, teaching materials, ancient Chinese medicine books, certification exams, medical knowledge, literature services, academic videos, and unified search.

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