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Syllabus of NEET UG 2019

Syllabus of NEET UG 2019

The NEET is a three-hour long exam which includes three sections – physics, chemistry and biology.

Of the total 180 questions, 90 would be from biology and 45 each from physics and chemistry. Preparation syllabus includes the whole of Class 11 and 12 standard NCERT textbooks in the respective subjects. Every correct answer would fetch you plus four marks and every incorrect answer results in a negative mark. Questions that are not attempted do not have any penalty marks. So, choose your battles wisely, if you do not know a question for sure, do not mark it.


Syllabus of NEET UG 2019


1. Gravitation, Kinematics, Laws of Motion

2. Kinetic theory and perfect gas

3. System of particles, rigid body

4. Oscillations, waves

5. Work, Power and Energy

6. Bulk matter and its properties

7. Measurement, SI units

8. Heat, Temperature, Thermodynamics and its laws

9. Nuclei and Atoms

10. Electricity- Static and Current

11. Properties of matter, dual nature and radiation

12. Ray optics and optical instruments

13. Light- Reflection, Refraction, and laws

14. Magnetism and magnetic effects

15. Electrostatics




1. Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties

2. Equilibrium

3. Environmental Chemistry

4. Structure of Atom

5. Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure

6. Properties of Matter- Gases and Liquids

7. s-Block Elements (Alkali and Alkaline Earth Metals)

8. p- block elements

10. Thermodynamics

11. Equilibrium

12. Redox reactions

13. Haloalkenes and Haloarenes

14. Surface Chemistry

15. Solid state

16. Solutions




1. Diversity in Living world

2. Structural organisation in animals and plants

3. Cell structure and function

4. Plant physiology

5. Human physiology

6. Reproduction

7. Genetics and evolution

8. Biology and Human welfare

9. Biotechnology and its applications

10. Ecology and environment.


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