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Here we take a leap into the myths & the facts about STUDY MBBS ABROAD:

  • Students tend to party & revel in festivities abroad instead of studies:

This is exactly what most of the parents/guardians worry about. The students unquestionably get dozens of chances to relax & rejoice. The universities & institutes have mandated tens of stringent rules in terms of compulsory attendance & presence of the students specifically during the practical classes. The students have to carefully follow the decorum/code of conduct mentioned by the university/institute at the time of admittance.


  • MBBS medicine abroad (MBBS) studies are too exorbitant to bear:

The educational expenses apparently tend to differ from country to country. They also tend to differ from institute to institute. But it’s unwise to surmise that the MBBS studies abroad will take a toll on one’s affordability. Many countries all over the world offer scholarships. One can also opt for educational loan. The institutes apparently try to maintain their agendas based on economized rates for the international students. The leniency does remain one of the factors that even the institutes observe as a part of their responsibility towards the international students. Universities/institutes tend to offer scholarships to students based on the merit & financial needs.


MBBS abroad is as creditable by Medical Council of India (MCI) as that of the MBBS course in India. The MCI maintains the list of the international institutes accredited by it. It’s suggestible for the students/parents/guardians/next of kin to read the list of medical institutes accredited by the MCI. The students having pursued MBBS medicine abroad (MBBS) will receive optimum dignity apart from the preferences by the hospitals. The MBBS holders can also opt to establish & maintain their own clinic/dispensary. It depends eventually upon one’s individual efforts & dedication as whether or not he/she clears the MCI exam.

  • It takes a super genius mankind to pursue MBBS abroad:

First of all, the MBBS degree expects one to devout time & energy. One doesn’t need to be intellectually super powerful to become a doctor abroad. One just needs to plan each step perseveringly & complete the task on the right time. The task done on time can save nine when it comes to MBBS. Several institutes abroad furthermore have adapted modern syllabus in an attempt to stay aloft with the current or probable breakthroughs. The existent skills & efforts are more than enough for a practitioner to study each step & implement the same appropriately.

  • Food abroad may emerge as a major hurdle:

Universities/Institutes abroad have various cuisines & food specialties. Indian, Asian, Continental & Western are the specialties always ready to welcome the international students. Most of the institutes/universities have readied their campuses to conveniently accommodate the changeable requirements of the international students. It apparently won’t be a hurdle to get one’s favorite food abroad.


The campuses all over the world take sincere efforts to build up & maintain seamless academic functionality. Nobody hopefully is unaware of the fact anymore that 99% of the institutes all over the world maintain CCTV cameras to dissuade the chances of malfunctions/misdemeanor. The institutes tend to severely deal with the one who threatens the decorum/code of conduct of the university/institute. All the institutes have already consolidated the medical department in their campus/hostel to ensure aesthetic healthcare throughout the tenure of the course.


  • Language is a barrier abroad:

This is the most erroneous belief. It’s logically impossible to run a setup or institute without mandating English as a prevalent language. All the institutes run conveniently on English.

The reputable medical colleges all over the world are highly disciplinary. Many reputable institutes are accredited by UNESCO & WHO too. Most of the employers/hospitals/healthcare firms/pharmaceuticals lay considerable emphasis over the students pursuing course in the recognized colleges. The parents/guardians can take the initiative to properly read the list of recognized institutes across the globe.

The people willing to see their son/daughter being employed in India should give a prime consideration to the institutes accredited by Medical Council of India (MCI). The students willing to work across the western countries can look out for the respective examinations of the country they are willing to relocate to. It’s highly advisable for the students/parents to overlook all the rumors/grapevine about studying MBBS medicine abroad (MBBS).


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