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MBBS form ABROAD- Philippines

MBBS in Philippines is the best option for the medical student to pursue as it has very low tuition fees as compared to that of the Indian education system. MBBS in Philippines is gaining popularity amongst Indian as the course structure of Philippines is very diversified and it has a vast curriculum that gives detailed insights of the program so that student can gain maximum benefit of the course.


Pursuing medical from the Philippines is the best decision any Indian student could make. Western countries are getting a large number of nurses from the Philippines as the specialization in the nursing course is really famous and wide in the Philippines. As a result of which MBBS student from the Philippines gets more probability of getting employment in western countries if they wish to continue living there and work side by side.

SHREET CAREER GUIDANCE SERVICES Pvt. Ltd. has tie-ups with many prestigious Universities in the Philippines like Ama University, Lady Fatima University, and Perpetual Medical University which make the whole process of getting admission in these globally recognized institutes way more smooth.

The literacy rate in the Philippines is 95.6 which is very high than other countries displaying that there is no compromise with the quality of education here making it best place for studying. So, instead of wasting 2-3 years in repetitive preparation for NEET and still pay a high amount for tuition fees one can go to the Philippines for MBBS.

As the past studies show that the FMGE(Foreign Medical Graduates Examination) or MCI Screening Test(Medical Council of India) had a passing percentage of 24.6% from the Philippines in the year 2012-14 which is higher than most of the other countries.

Another major benefit of studying MBBS from Philippines is that the education pattern followed here is the same as that of US. So after completing MBBS from Philippines, students can also go to the US for any other opportunities or can also do their post-graduation for from the USA.


Make up your mind and start your career by doing MBBS from Philippines as it unlocks many doors of opportunity.


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