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MBBS Admission in Romania

Romania is home to some of the best medical universities in Europe, offering internationally accredited degrees that are recognized worldwide. Every year, students come from countries around the world (including the UK, Germany, Austria, France, India and China) to complete their medical studies in Romania. Programmes offered by Romanian universities are listed in the most esteemed directories of international medical schools.

The quality of education, low tuition fees and the affordable cost of living, render study in Romania one of the most sought-after destinations for study abroad. Undergraduate Medical programs offered in English or French are: Medicine with tuition fees at £4,000 a year, Dentistry at £4,000 annually, and Veterinary Medicine at £3,500 per year.


“Romania” being a prosper tourist destination for most of the foreigners have gained popularity in education and is become the favourite place for the student who dreams to study abroad, Romanian government by its cooperation in medicine in Romania has made it easy for students to choose the top university in Romania for MBBS. However, Romania is not considered to be the economic stable country in entire Europe but has full governmental support to generate employment for students pursuing medicine in Romania. Students can find low-cost Romanian MBBS colleges according to their budget as Romania is known for its qualitative education in the affordable budget. Medical studies in Romania elaborates the need to take decisive actions against malpractices, drudgery, and negligence in healthcare by bringing effective changes in the professionalism infused with the top class education system.

Advantages of studying MBBS in Romania

Romania is known for its cheap MBBS education and diploma supplement which ensures transparency in learning and is recognized world-wide that issued automatically with the completion of the degree course and helps in stepping up the employ-ability.


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