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Kursk State Medical University is a Russian medical university located in Kursk, western Russia, established in 1935. In 1994 it was granted university status. Kursk State Medical university is a leading Medical University in Russia. Ksmu was the first to introduce Medical Studies In English Medium.

Address: 305041, Ulitsa Karla Marksa, 3, Kursk, Kursk Oblast, Russia, 305004

Today Kursk State Medical University is one of the largest and oldest universities in the city of Kursk and the leading medical educational organizations in to study MBBS in Russia. It is rightly considered the educational, scientific and cultural center of the Black Soil Region.

The Kursk Medical Institute, established in 1935, and since 1994 the Medical University, has trained more than 35,000 doctors, pharmacists and other health care professionals.

KSMU is the largest educational institution in the region to study MBBS in Russia. At present, about 19 thousand people study at the university, of which more than 7,000 are students receiving higher education; about 900 are students of the secondary vocational education system; more than 500 – residents and graduate students; more than 10,000 are health care and higher education specialists enrolled in supplementary education programs. Every year, almost 1,000 applicants become students of the medical university. Education, depending on the profile of the specialty and the form of education, is carried out at 12 faculties of KSMU according to 78 main educational programs.

Kursk Medical University has nine educational buildings, equipped with educational and scientific equipment, six well-equipped student dormitories, united in the campus to study MBBS abroad. As it happened historically, the main scientific and pedagogical division of the university is the department. Currently, the university has 65 departments. Clinical departments were established and are located on the basis of medical institutions of the regional center. The total number of faculty members involved in the educational process and research work in the departments is 745 people. Of these, 133 doctors and 408 candidates of science.

Since January 2012, the University entered the Medical and Pharmaceutical College. The unification of the university with the college makes it possible to solve the problems of improving the quality of training and rational use of resources in a single educational, scientific and industrial university complex.


  1. Faculty of International Students
  2. Faculty of Medicine
  3. Pharmaceutical Faculty
  4. Stomatology Faculty
  5. Pediatric Faculty
  6. Higher Nursing Faculty
  7. Medico Prevention Faculty

There are 6 hostels for all the students. Out of these hostels, 3 modern hostels are available to international students. These hostels are about 5-10 minutes walking distance from the University. There is a centrally heating system in every hostel. Hot water facilities are available in every room.

Kursk State Medical University has over 5,500 students out of which 1,200 students are international students. From arts events to sports events, Kursk State Medical University is a center for innovation and culture. There are various vibrant societies through which students can make new pals.

The distance between Moscow Domodedovo Airport (DME) and Kursk State Medical University is 423 km.


Direct Admission for MBBS in Russia is now available in Kursk State Medical University.


Mob: +91 81738 72222

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