• Faculty of General Medicine

The teaching staffs of the Belarusian State Medical University have substantial methodological, clinical and scientific experience allowing the young generation of the country to get higher education meeting the highest modern standards. At present over 2600 students are studying here. Annually, over 400 specialists graduate from the Faculty.

  • Faculty of Preventive Medicine

The faculty at Belarusian State Medical University has trained over four thousand doctors, including many well-known scientists, managers of health care, outstanding hygienists, epidemiologists, valeologists, virologists, bacteriologists, researchers and teachers and other specialists. More than 850 students study at the Faculty for a duration of 6 years.

  • Pediatric Faculty

The Faculty of Pediatrics carries out medical activities in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of childhood diseases. Practical classes and lectures in medical subjects are held in large children’s hospitals under the guidance of experienced teachers. Over 1,200 students are trained at the faculty in Belarusian State Medical University, who study more than 70 subjects within six years.

  • Dental Faculty

Dental Faculty of Belarusian State Medical University conducts Professional training at 9 specialized departments of the Faculty. Dentistry includes science, practice and art of preventing, diagnosing and treating diseases of organs and tissues of the oral cavity and maxillofacial area.

Paediatric Dentistry trains specialists to provide qualified surgical and therapeutic dental care for children. It also studies diagnosis, special features of the clinical course, treatment and prevention of oral mucosa lesions in children with viral, bacterial, fungal and allergic diseases.

Conservative dentistry trains specialists in the prevention and treatment of dental diseases, as well as periodontal and oral mucosa diseases.

  • Faculty of Military Medicine

The Faculty of Military Medicine at Belarusian State Medical University has four departments:

Department of Organisation of Medical Provision of Troops and Emergency Medicine (OMPT and EM)-At the Department of OMPT and EM the students of the military faculty obtain knowledge in spheres: medical provision of military units under war conditions and in everyday life, deployment and functioning of military medical units under battle conditions and in emergency situations; provision of military units with property and technical equipment.

Department of Military Epidemiology and Military Hygiene (ME and MH)-At ME and MH Department students are taught to prevent diseases, organize everyday life to avoid injuries and outbreaks of infectious diseases in military unit formations.

Department of Military Field Therapy (MFT)-At MFT Department the students deal with the issues of military therapeutic pathology, toxicology, the most common diseases in the army in peacetime.

Department of Military Field Surgery (MFS)-MFS Department pays great attention to training military doctors according to the latest achievements of the world surgery.

  • Medical Faculty for International Students

Belarusian State Medical University has been training international students since 1969. More than 2,000 international specialists from nearly 100 countries have been trained at the faculty over the period of its existence.

Highly qualified teaching staffs of theoretical departments of the University provide the teaching of basic medical sciences at a high scientific and technological level in English language. Along with medical and biological subjects, the students study Russian and Latin.

  • Pharmaceutical Faculty

Pharmaceutical education at Belarusian State Medical University combines the knowledge of chemical, biomedical and pharmaceutical science, pharmaceutical business and pharmacy organization, management and marketing, pharmaceutical services and production management, psychology and pedagogics, pharmaceutical ethics and deontology. A graduate of the Faculty of Pharmacy knows everything about the drugs: synthesis, development, pharmacological activity, storage and quality control.

  • Faculty of Career Guidance and pre-University Training

Training at Belarusian State Medical University is organized in two directions: a comprehensive study of subjects required for admission to the University (Russian, Biology and Chemistry) and the study of Russian alone (for those who are going to enter a clinical internship and a postgraduate course). Each department is a separate structural unit with highly qualified personnel performing instructional, research and educational work.

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