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AIIMS MBBS Entrance Examination 2018

AIIMS MBBS Entrance Examination 2018

Important Notice No: 25/2018 Dated 19 May 2018

AIIMS MBBS Entrance Examination 2018: Important Advisory

Dear Candidate,
As you prepare to appear for the AIIMS MBBS Entrance Examination in May 2018 we wish you the very best.
We are aware of the hard work put in by each of you. Please appreciate that with the level of competition in this examination, even small
differences in marks matter. Under such circumstances, it does not necessarily mean that those who unfortunately do not make it are incapable of pursuing a career in medicine. Just relax and give your best on that day.
We must inform you that to ensure strict confidentiality, integrity and fairness of any examination certain steps are taken right from the stage of registration. Many of these are in place to prevent unfair practices, such as impersonation, use of transmitting devices, sneaking in material into the examination hall for copying etc. The most deserving need to be selected and for every candidate who is unfairly selected there is another who has been unfairly pushed out of the competition. We therefore seek your assistance on the day of examination towards smooth conduct of the examination. Please comply with certain requirements and co-operate during frisking. Those who do not allow to be frisked shall not be permitted into the examination centre. We assure you that these measures will benefit you who are honest, hardworking and have toiled tirelessly towards fulfilling your dreams and the aspirations of your parents, family and teachers.We request candidates, parents, guardians and well-wishers to adhere to the following instructions as well as those in the Admit card and Prospectus. Remember that these are uniformly applicable in all centres throughout the country from Srinagar to Kanyakumari and from Port Blair and Imphal to Rajkot. Therefore please do not argue or plead with the officials on duty since any exception made in one instance, however reasonable it may seem personally,may not be fair and just to other candidates in the same or in other centres.

Important Instructions:
1. Please download your Admit Card from the website www.aiimsexams.org . Check all details including allotted centre and timings. Please check, in particular, the Date (Saturday, 26th or Sunday, 27th May) and the timings on each day.
2. You or your parents or guardians who may accompany you should visit the examination centre before hand and familiarize with the location and means of reaching there on time.
3. Please reach the examination centre at the Reporting Time mentioned in the Admit Card. If you report beyond the Reporting Time, you are late. No Candidate will be allowed to enter after theEntry Closing Time mentioned in the Admit Card. Instructions has been issued for strict compliance. Several pre-examination formalities need to be completed and therefore please reach on time.
4. Candidates with Benchmark Physical Disability are requested to report early for facilitation during entry.
5. You should carry with you only three items: (i) Admit Card (ii) a valid Photo ID Proof in ORIGINAL (Passport, Aadhar Card/ Aadhar Card Print out, PAN Card, Voters ID, Driving License, Recognized Central or State Board, Examination Admit Card / Marks Card / Result Sheet bearing photograph.

photograph. Please remember that ENTRY shall NOT be permitted WITHOUT ADMIT CARD or WITHOUT VALID PHOTO ID.

6. While AIIMS does not specify any particular dress it is expected that you would dress conventionally appropriate for the summer. Please note that, clips, bands, hats, caps, scarf, and similar headgear as well as goggles, thick-soled footwear and large buttons (more than 1.5cms) are prohibited. However, if religion or customs require you to wear any particular headgear or attire, please visit the centre early to allow adequate time for frisking.
7. Please do not wear any ornaments whatsoever. Mobile phones, wristwatches and any electronic device including those capable of transmission and receipt of any data in any form, pens, papers, books, bottles etc are forbidden. There may not be any provision for safe keeping of valuables in every centre. Therefore, please come prepared accordingly.
8. Please note that the examination will be computer based and you should familiarize with the examination through the Mock Test available at www.aiimsexams.org. Do not use the keyboard during the examination. Please remember that the sequence of the subjects and both questions and responses shall be shuffled for all candidates. The sequence of subjects for each candidate shall be displayed in the candidate console before the examination. The facility of a simple calculator that pops-up on the screen will be available. While you may mark answers for Review and visit later please note at the end of examination, answers marked for Review shall not be saved automatically and therefore not evaluated. Answers need to be saved by clicking the Save button. You shall not be permitted to leave the examination hall before the end of the examination.
9. Please use the back of your Admit Card and Rough Sheet provided for Rough work. All Admit Cards and Rough Sheets must be returned. Those who do not do so shall not be evaluated.
10. Please go through all instructions in the Admit Card and Prospectus. Looking forward to your kind co-operation. With best wishes Examination Section All India Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi.




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