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52 students sends back from Georgia Airport

52 of 62 Indian students who landed at Tbilisi on Monday to study medicine in Georgia were turned away from the airport despite having secured admission and carrying visas.


Do you exactly know what is the reason behind that?? Please avoid misleading news.
After the admission process when the student reach to the country where they get admission they have to go through the immigration interview in the English.

English language is very important language to communicate. English language having very important role in the immigration. Because immigration interview of any country on international airport conducts in English.
We all know very well that at any international airport have passengers from anywhere in world and English language is the single langue which can use universally.

Immigration officer or interviewer doesn’t know your mother-tongue, So for an immigration interview English language is very important to communicate with the immigration officer.
If you are intrested for ABROAD STUDIES please go through the well know consultancy who help you in every steps or it ADMISSION or IMMIGRATION. Please prefer those admission consultant who provides communication skill training or English speaking course.

Please avoid misleading news, Be-aware from useless admission consultancy, because its really very bad if we can’t join the college after having the ADMISSION LETTER.

There are some common immigration questions are given below:

1)What is the Purpose of Your Trip?
2)How Long Do You Intend to Stay?
3)Where Will You Be Staying?
4)What is Your Occupation?
5)Do You Have Anything to Declare?

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