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WHY go Study abroad?

WHY go Study abroad?



  • The Ranking: Let’s face it. India falls way short. With the kind of potential bursting up here, we should be the brain-hub of the world. Right? We are the brain-drain hub, rather. Didn’t we all outrage like cry-babies when the new Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella, made no mention about how India helped him, etc., etc.? The question, rather, should have been: Did India help him at all? We all love a foreign brand here. No wonder, most of world-renowned Indian success stories are written abroad.


  • The Opportunities: While you are studying abroad, you will have to do your own work, find a job that takes care of your living expenses there. Most of us will take it as a serious problem. Going abroad is, actually, for those who will see it as what it is- an opportunity to become exactly what you are capable of. Anywhere abroad, the global market will be at your disposal. Studying Abroad will make you an independent and confident individual.


  • Flexibility: You not only have accelerated courses but the options of “dual major”, “minor” and “free electives”. That is, studies in more than one subject. Of course, you need to select cautiously but this is a concept that looks quite futuristic for India.


  • Focus on skill building: Education system abroad is more focused on developing practical skills of a student and making him job ready, unlike India where the focus is purely on theoretical knowledge.


  • The Exposure: The opportunity of living and studying aboard offers the kind of exposure, which a student can never get in India. The cultural diversity, advance technology, government facilities and quality of life is far more superior.


  • The Social Benefits: Unlike the Indian government, the government of developed countries provide a lot of social benefits to students like free health care, free libraries, student discounts on travel, restaurants, shopping etc.


  • Travel the World: Travelling Abroad for a holiday from India always looks like a expensive affair, but when you are living abroad and earning in a foreign currency, making holiday plans to exotic locations will be a lot easier. Not to mention countries like UK, US, Australia etc are portals to get easy access to some of the most exiting travel destinations.


  • They want Indians: India is not only a good student bank but a potential hub of striking innovators. Many universities are looking for program partnerships with universities here. Many of the countries are looking to invite Indian blood directly on their soil. Why wait?



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