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Required Documents for Abroad Studies

Required Documents for Abroad Studies


Photograph for VISA: 75% face with colored photo with white background as given below


Bank statement

Latest 6 month bank statement


Though I need not to mention the name of this ‘booklet’ here but this is the most important thing you should keep with you all the time after you step out of your house to fly away. Also, keep a Xerox copy of passport with you.

Study Visa

Visa is an official document, which is issued by the authority of your country. It provides you permission to travel and stay abroad for a specific time period. You need to contact the embassy of the country where you want to pursue your higher studies as application procedure is different for each country. You can browse through the “Visas” or “Students” section of website of concerned embassy. But you should apply for a visa at least 2-3 months in advance as the application procedure may take time.

Marksheets and passing certificates

You may be asked to produce marksheets and pass certificates of your past course. Thus if you plan to study abroad for graduation degree, then you must carry your HSC/ Class 12th documents with you. Likwise, if you are stepping out for post graduation course, then carry your degree certificates.

Competitive exam score report

You must have already cleared NEET. You also need to submit this score card to the university before the expiry of its validity.

International Immunization and Vaccination Card

Most countries, mainly Asian and African countries, ask for an international certificate of vaccinations. You can obtain this certificate from the Department of Health of government, your family doctor or passport office. This Immunization and Vaccination report ensures the visiting country that you are not bringing any disease with you on their land.


Driving license/ Age proof

If you are planning to drive a vehicle of your relative, then put your card in your bag. The license is also acts as your age proof. If you don’t own one, then you can apply for it or carry another age proof with you.

Financial Statement/ Solvency Certificate

Most of the foreign universities want to assure themselves that the person who is financing the studies of their prospective is financially stable. Solvency Certificate acts as a proof that you/ your financer (generally parents/ guardian) have sufficient funds to pay fees and other expenses. Solvency Certificate can be obtained from your bank where you have a Savings Accounts or from a financial liquidator. If you have applied for education loan, then you can submit the loan documents as a proof for the same.



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