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Opportunities After MBBS Abroad

Opportunities After MBBS Abroad

According to reports, students after graduating from foreign Medical Colleges can possibly now practice in India without any exams and test. The proposal is expected to be out soon by ministry of Law and Justice. This step has been taken to address the problem of acute shortage of good and qualified doctors in India.

The present law allows Indian students to study MBBS from any recognised foreign medical University, however these students  need to clear a screening test before practising in India.

But now, government is in the favour of giving Medical Council of India a nod of letting Doctors practice in their own country without any test or exam.

Doctors from all over the world can now indulge and practice as they want, this would increase the human resource in medical field.

As of now, Students who got their medical Degrees from USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia can practice medical profession in Indian without giving Medical Test or Exam, but for students with a degree from other countries, would also be able to work in India without giving any test, according to the new rule.

After completing medical studies from foreign country, students have a lot of options to follow. Few of the career choices that one can opt for are listed below:

Clinical Practices with the degree :

One can start their own clinic after studying MBBS from abroad. These clinical practices involves two Sectors, One is government sector and the second is Private sector. In case of government sector, one can be recruited as a regular doctor for full time or on contract basis. Working as a regular doctor in government sector gets you a 50% quota in postgraduate admissions in the state of Andhra Pradesh.  While in Private sector, one can join a corporate hospital or can run their own clinic.

Going for speciality after MBBS:

After completing MBBS, this is the most common option that every student wants to opt for, but unfortunately there are very few seats in postgraduate course, this makes it hard for students to keep up with their interest in the subject. Usually students take a one or a two year break to prepare for the PG entrance.
There are several options when it comes to going for specialization, one is a 3 year M.D/M.S Course, another is 2 year PG Diploma course.

USMLE (United states Medical Licensing Exam):

It is a 3 step procedure exam for students who are willing to study in US after MBBS. Many Indian students at times fail to clear USMLE. Also the cost of doing USMLE is quite high. Even After clearing the exam, one is not secured to be able to study the same because of inability to secure US residency, which is mandatory for USMLE.


For some, the studies just doesn’t end after 5-6 years of MBBS degree, they rely on their will to learn and invent more. There are around 45 PhD courses after MBBS that has been recognized by MCI in India.

Duration of a PhD course is of 3 years. The most renowned research institute in India is the ICMR (Indian council for medical research). A degree from here adds 7 stars to your profile.

Hospital Management :

After MBBS abroad, students can go for MHA, i.e Masters in Hospital Management. It is a fast developing sector in today’s time, and offers a good career scope for the students with Medical Background.


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