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Medical University of Lodz Poland

Medical University of Lodz Poland

The Medical University of Lodz is the largest state-owned medical university in Poland. The University has the largest teaching hospital unit in Poland and a well-established European research center.

On 27th July 2002 through the merging of the civilian Medical Academy of Lodz (founded October 24,1949) and the Military Medical Academy (founded May 1958) the Medical University of Lodz was established and is till date considered one of the most prestigious Institutions of Poland. The University is entitled to train medical personnel, for the military and civilian spheres both.

In the years of its existence, both the Universities- Medical Academy and the Military Medical Academy have trained over 34,000 physicians, dentists, pharmacists, and other medical specialists. The Medical University of Lodz aims at educating students in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and medicine-allied disciplines, conducting research and scientific activity for advancements in the medical field, and participate in health care programs set by the social health care system.

Currently, over 8,000 Polish students are studying at the Medical University of Lodz at various faculties of medical and medicine-related areas. The University also offers advanced studies at the Faculty of Postgraduate Training where over 300 postgraduate students commence their education every year.


  • Ministry of Health & Science Education, Poland
  • World Directory of Medical Schools (WDMOS)
  • World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Medical Council of India (MCI)
  • International Medical Education Directory (IMED)
  • Recognition with the European Union (EU), Poland
  • Education Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG), USA

The students and graduates of the Medical University of Lodz are eligible to apply for ECFMG Certification and USMLE as a step towards ECFMG Certification for practicing in the USA. The medical and dentistry diplomas of the University are also subject to automatic recognition in the European Union which Poland joined in May 2004. The International graduates of the University are eligible to practice in the USA, UK, Canada, India, etc. by taking appropriate licensure exams of the respective countries.


The Medical University of Lodz has been teaching Medical Courses in English at the University since 2003. At present, more than 900 International students from  66 Nationalities like the USA, Canada, Taiwan, Sweden, Norway, UK, Spain, Kenya, Nigeria, Zambia, India, China, etc. are studying at 6-year MD (Medicine), Advanced MD and 5-year DMD (Dentistry) programs that are taught entirely in English and are comprehensive enough to be recognized globally.


Medical University of Lodz’s academic staff is distinguished by the high level of qualifications and competency. The University employs about 1,600 research and didactic staff, including over 300 independent researchers-170 full professors, 190 assistant and associate professors as well as nearly 900 Ph.D. academics.

Besides them, International visiting faculties are involved in the academic process through various International Programs. Foreign scientists representing leading European and world-famous teaching and research centers are invited to the University


The Medical University of Lodz is one of the significant medical research centers in Poland. In a single academic year, 100+ Research Grants are awarded at the University, along with numerous research contracts.

The University supports a substantial number of individual research projects being conducted by the students and staff. The Medical University of Lodz has been carrying out extensive international scientific cooperation with foreign academic and research centers as well.


The Medical University of Lodz carries out its Clinical Activities at the five Teaching Hospitals owned by the University with over 1600 beds. These hospitals provide a grand base for graduate and postgraduate clinical education as well as for scientific programs. The additional 34 wards and departments of municipal hospitals are used for teaching purposes as well.

The University Teaching Hospitals and affiliated University departments provide highly specialized diagnostic and treatment services of the region which is carried out with the help of more than 1250 medical professionals.

Every year 55000+ patients are hospitalized in the Medical University of Lodz hospital departments and over 50000+ patients in University-affiliated wards. The excellent diagnostic and treatment services offered by the Medical University teaching hospitals is reflected in the most popular hospital rankings that the University holds.


Medical Simulation Centre at the Medical University of Lodz implements the world educational standards and represents the highest level of innovation in medical education. Classes at the Centre allow simulating clinical situations as close as possible to real ones, to safely work out the technique of performing many medical procedures, and improve general medical professional skills.


The Medical University of Lodz is an active participant in International Academic Exchange programs. Each year Students from European universities come to study at MUL as exchange students in the frame of LLP-Erasmus program and several MUL students complete their 3 to 6-month hospital practice in countries around Europe like Italy, Germany, France, the U.K., etc.

The Medical University of Lodz has international scientific cooperation with many foreign academic and research centers as:

  • MD Anderson Cancer Centre (MDACC) the USA
  • Institute of Biomedical Engineering CNR Italy
  • Universite de Geneve, Switzerland
  • Academic Medical Centre by the University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
  • King’s College London, United Kingdom
  • University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB)

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