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Benefits of Overseas MBBS

Amongst the 100% population in India, there are around 65% of people which are under 25 years of age, which means a large number of India’s population is young and enthusiastic. Amongst this 65 % of young people, a very large portion aims to be a doctor for the betterment of India.


Considering the stats there are around 50,000 MBBS seats available all over India and in these 50,000 seats over 10 lakh students apply from all over India and state level entrance tests every year. And according to the above-mentioned stats, only 5% of the total applied students get the assured confirmation of achieving their goal of becoming a doctor. It is not that simple to get admission in government college of India as there are limited seats and a very large number of students who apply for those seats. Another option available is private college but the fees of these colleges are way too high which in turn is not easy for all the people to pay such high fees. The last and the best option which remains is Overseas MBBS. Abroad admission is a wonderful option available to all the Indian students. All Indian students aim to have a globally recognized degree. It also adds up to their professional module. Definitely, Completing Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery or MBBS from abroad facilitates the extra attention. And it also speaks about a grand professional success.



There are many benefits of Abroad MBBS out of which few are listed below:


  • MCI recognized colleges-

Majorly most of the colleges of aboard are listed by Medical Council of India (MCI) be it Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, North America. Therefore Indian students who successfully complete the MBBS course from the college of any of these countries are eligible to appear in the screening test of MCI in order to practice in India. And the students who have completed their MBBS from abroad have a success rate of 75% of passing this MCI test.


  • Explore the world-

The one major opportunity which comes along with the best decision of doing MBBS abroad is that you get a chance to explore the world. By studying abroad the students will get a brand new experience of exploring a new city, new culture, new activities, and new customs.


  • Quality of education-

Another major reason one might consider for choosing abroad for MBBS is the quality of education. They use best of technologies to provide education to their students. By enrolling in a course structure like that, students get a huge exposure and learn new things which they never thought of by studying in India.


  • Multiple Career Opportunities-

After completing the MBBS program from abroad when one returns to India they have a whole new perspective of culture, exposure, knowledge, technologies. If the student wants to continue their living abroad they can switch to the USA for further opportunities or can come back to India to settle down and continue their career here.

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