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Benefits of MBBS from the Philippines

The best option available to Indian students for studying MBBS is completing it from foreign. Studying MBBS from abroad is the best alternative available for the Indian student reason being it is cheaper than that of India and the education quality which is provided here is way better than that of India.

There are many countries which have the best education system in their college. The Philippines are one of the best countries for medical education. There are multiple reasons due to which one wants to pursue MBBS from Philippines but the major reason being that fees of the medical college of India are very high and also limited seats are available in Government College. Philippines provide advance quality of education and low fees of college.


There are multiple advantages of MBBS from Philippines

  • Philippines consist of around 7500 islands; there are various beaches, caves and many other things which give a perfect and fresh atmosphere.
  • The atmosphere of Philippines is clean which makes it the best place not only for students but also for the tourists to explore the country.
  • The students can explore the new culture of Philippines as it is very different than that of India.
  • The climate of Philippines is very much similar to that India making it easy for the students to adjust in the new country.
  • The currency of Philippines is Pesos.
  • The currency rate of India to that of Philippines is very much similar as 1.41 Rupee=1Pesos.
  • As the currency rate of these two countries is almost the same, therefore it offers a low cost of living and food facilities as compared to other countries.
  • If any student is concerned about money, then there is no need to do so as all the things will be in the budget in Philippines.
  • The fee structure of the college in Philippines in very affordable as it is very low as compared to that of India.
  • The quality of education provided in Philippines is very high and advanced.
  • There is more focus on practical learning as compared to that of theoretical learning.
  • Students can do their internship and training in high-class hospitals and clinics as all the medical colleges are affiliated with hospitals.
  • The college of Philippines are MCI(Medical Council of India) approved.
  • If one wants to continue the practise in India after completion of MBBS, so the student only needs to pass MCI screening test.


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