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Advantages of Studying MBBS at Perm State Medical University

Advantages of Studying MBBS at Perm State Medical University

  • Perm State Medical University is amongst leading university of scientific research and medical education in Russia.
  • The university is affiliated with the Ministry of Education of Russian Federation and recognised by World Health Organization and United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, Medical council of India (MCI) and medical council of other leading countries of the world.
  • International students from around 21 different countries are pursuing their degrees from Perm State Medical University.
  • Perm State Medical University is one the top ranked universities to pursue MBBS in Russia.
  • International students get a wide range of programmes at Perm State Medical University, there are 657 subjects to choose from in Postgraduate Programmes, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Specialists, assistant-ships and internships.
  • The cost of programmes at universities in Russia is cheaper compared to other countries. MBBS at Perm State Medical University is very affordable and low cost.
  • The university is one of the prestigious universities which have got highly qualified teaching staff, the faculty of Perm State Medical University is licensed to teach international students in English.
  • The student gets a chance to learn Russian too to aid them during internship. The university offers Russian language courses for the foreign students.
  • The campus covers an area of 50 hectares and includes 27 buildings, sport and medical facilities and 12 comfortable hostels. The university has its own block of dormitories for the international students at lower cost.
  • The university has signed international agreements with 18 universities, the students of Perm State Medical University takes active participation in the work of international conferences.

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