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Why study MBBS in Philippines?

In India the ratio of MBBS seats to that of medical college is comparatively low.  Despite of having a large number of seats, all the students are not that lucky to get an admission in medical colleges, reason being half of the seats are allotted to private colleges which demands 50 lack capitations each.



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Philippines is a perfect spot for MBBS. It is a safe country and ensures secured living for other students who come to study for MBBS there. Amongst all of the courses in Philippines-MBBS is the first choice of Indian student as the country caters MBBS course at a very affordable rates along with various other advantages in contrast to other countries. The Philippines medical schools are graduate school which offer the Doctor of Medicine degree (M.D). It is a four year degree program which qualifies the degree holder to take the licensure exam for medical specialists in the Philippines.

There are various advantage of MBBS in Philippines primary being the practice of theoretical knowledge that students gain from the college. All the medical colleges in Philippines emphasis on practice as compared to theory which gives you greater extent of practical experience that  later on helps you during your career.

 There are few other advantages such as good weather and low fee in medical colleges for Indian students. Philippines is the third biggest English talking nation in the world which provides various opportunities for the students to think about other projects in Philippines as well as  in other countries such as UK, USA, Australia, Canada, etc.


Thus, MBBS in Philippines is the key to unlock various doors of opportunity and prosperity.


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